Analysis Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton's Campaign Advertisements

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Many people think that the world is going to end. Many others have already lost faith in the U.S. Everyone is bracing themselves on what is going to happen on November 8th. The Yellowstone volcano isn’t going to erupt, nor is The San Andreas fault going to cause an 8.0 earthquake, but there is a run for presidency between Donald trump and Hillary Clinton. These two polar opposite candidates have gone head to head the whole year, and they have expressed their thoughts and ideas through advertisements. Looking at these campaign ads, viewers will see differing experiences, personalities, and audience.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both believe that they have better experience than one another that will make the U.S. successful. Clinton 's best
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In Hillary Clinton’s campaign ad, Myself, the ad stated that, “ Hillary Clinton negotiated a ceasefire in Gaza, a reduction in nuclear weapons, took on Vladimir Putin, and stood up against the trafficking of human beings.” This advertisement intends to give the audience the impression that since Clinton has worked near the presidency for so long, she will be better suited than Trump. Even though Hillary has a lot of experience, Trump believes Hillary is covering up too many holes during the time she spent in the government. In Donald Trump’s campaign ad, Bad Experience, the ad states, “...what 's the Clinton record? Chaos in Libya and Syria, the rise of ISIS, a failed reset with Russia, supporting the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, a terror attack in Benghazi, four Americans dead.” In this ad Trump also says, “Hillary has experience, but its bad experience.” This political advertisement makes the reader believe that Clinton doesn’t have the proper experience that she should to become president. Donald Trump believes that he the good experience that the U.S. needs to become, “great again”. In the advertisement, Deals, it says, “Donald Trump 's plan: Renegotiate NAFTA. Stop …show more content…
Trump believes that he is a tough candidate, who will be able to lead the U.S. with that type of attitude. In the ad by Trump, My Dad, Donald J. Trump Jr says, “well a lot of people think of my father as a tough guy and in many respects, he is… but it 's that toughness that I want renegotiating trade deals with China and Mexico.” Trump Jr.’s claim makes voters believe that since Trump is such a tough person he will be able to negotiate with other nation leaders in order to make the U.S. a safer place to live and to have better relationships with other nations. Clinton, however, believes that he does not have the character to run this country. Clinton believes, he has a bad temperament which will case the destruction of the whole U.S. In the ad, Silo, Bruce Blair says, “If the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles…I prayed that call would never come. Self-control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing.” Which is then followed by Trump saying, “I would bomb the shit out of them. I want to be unpredictable. I love war.” This is a very effective ad which frightens people of the thought of having Trump having the nuclear codes. This leads the viewers to believe that Trumps’ temperament will unleash a war between many countries. Trump also has many things to say about Clinton and her personality. Trump believes that Clinton is

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