Presidential Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay – Presidential Election
This 2016 presidential election is by far the most important race in American history. Although every election year is categorized as the most important election, it is usually a tool to get more people out to vote. However, this year is the first year that the white house is an open seat where “there is no incumbent running for President in this election” ("Why 2016 May Actually Be the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime"). This means that there will be a new acting president and vice-president this January. Although this may seems like protocol for every election, the hype that this particular race brings could lead this election into a tie where the vice-president will be the “tie-breaking
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She attended Yale Law School from 1969-1973 where she graduated with honors. Secretary Clinton is the wife of former president Bill Clinton, where she served as the first lady during his presidential term. Clinton was also a presidential candidate in the 2008 election. Although she fell short of the win, she gained the Secretary of State role back in 2009 where her former opponent, President Barak Obama, appointed her. I believe that Secretary Hillary Clinton should be the next president because she has the most experience in the political realm over her opponent Donald Trump. She also has the backing of her husband who did a phenomenal job during his reign as well as having recent work in the white house. On the other hand, there are people who feel that Donald Trump would be a better president because he is not your typical politician. He is not dependent on donors and he says the things that people think but politicians will not say. He is not concerned with political correctness and he has a business mentality. These may be positives to some but America is being caught up in the hype of someone who is bringing a new prospective and personality then what they are used to. Unfortunately, he does not have substantial procedures set in place that will help the American people with real issues and problems. Hillary Clinton should be the next president of the United States because she will create a fair tax …show more content…
Hillary Clinton promises to expand background checks, take on the gun lobby, and keep guns out of the hands unfit individuals. Hillary Clinton stated, “Too many families in America have suffered—and continue to suffer—from gun violence. It is the leading cause of death among young African American men—more than the following nine causes combined. America cannot go on like this.” Her concern and passion for the recent violence against the young black men in our society is a small Segway to the overall turmoil that gun violence brings upon a nation. Being that the United States cannot eliminate guns as a whole, she vows to put forth a more rigorous plan of action that will not eradicate but reduce the mistreatment of gun usage. Ultimately, Clinton is going to revise the gun laws that are already set in place. In doing so, she will enhance and enforce the rigorousness of background checking system that allows citizens to purchase firearms. This system will eliminate current standing loopholes that have been the excuse to a lot of the violence that has been taking place being over looked and over turned. She will also ensure that people who are not mentally fit are ineligible to have a gun in their possession. For example, domestic violence abusers will not be allowed to own a weapon or have one purchased for them. This will go down as a federal crime if an individual is caught assisting and

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