Ineffective Gun Control

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The first federal gun control law was added in 1934 by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The first federal gun control law was called the National Firearms Act. Eighty-one years later and the gun control issue have not been solved. One of the reasons that the gun control issue has not been solved is due to the ineffective background check in gun shows, online sales, and at some gun stores. The background check system is ineffective because the mentally unstable and criminals are still able to possess and use guns on a daily basis which will cause harm to innocent people.
There are 280 million guns in America that are privately owned. Every year there are believed to be four million new guns introduced into the market. Also, it is believed that guns are
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Lastly, it is known that tens of millions of gun owners have not created chaos, but are being blamed for the few that have ( Goldberg). Many police chiefs are demanding background checks for the purchase of firearms. They also want records to be used universally across all states to show the same criminal and mental health backgrounds. The chiefs are demanding this in order to further lower the homicide rates in the United States from 30,000 to a lower amount. The homicide rates have increased in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New Orleans even though the overall homicide rate has decreased. There are forty percent of gun purchases at gun shows without background checks. Also, fifty-five percent of Americans prefer to have tighter regulations on gun sales. On the contrary, The National Rifle Association does not approve of having tighter regulations and will fight this issue (Warner). The National Instant Criminal Background Check system is run by the FBI. This system processes twenty million applications each year. Most of the responses are within a few minutes but some take a large amount of time and shootings …show more content…
Many of the presidential candidates also are trying to prevent them from having firearms due to the amount of incidents that have occurred by the mentally ill. Also, our president is working to try to have a stricter hold on gun rights in order to reduce the amount of tragedies that have transpired. President Obama has considered to use his power to impose background checks for private sales and gun shows. Many people are in favor of that but the National Rifle Association is highly against it. One gun dealer tried to sell a smart gun to help prevent children from accidental shootings but protesters threatened the man 's life and caused him to change his mind. The NRA is the most powerful lobby group in America and five million people belong to the NRA. The NRA and its members do not believe that a stricter gun control would help to reduce the amount of crime that occurs. The National Rifle Association will always have a big say in the gun control issue and will make it very hard for there to be much change to make gun control stricter (Rosenwald). Hillary Clinton plans to try to reduce gun violence in many ways if she becomes president. First, she plans to include universal background checks and wants to lower the immunity for the gun industry. Also, she wants to try to take on the NRA to try to reduce their power and

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