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  • Summary Of Hidden Like Anne Frank By Marcel Prins

    Hidden Like Anne Frank: 14 True Stories of Survival is a nonfiction novel, written by Marcel Prins, about fourteen different Jews who risked their lives tremendously and left behind everything they knew to disappear and go into hiding during World War ll to escape Nazi persecution. All of the stories are first-person accounts that tell what it was really like to go into hiding during the war. Every Jew in this book came from the Netherlands, and they all tell their story of having to leave their…

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  • Jesse Robin Hood

    of the figures before they became outlaws were somewhat similar with both being mistreated by oppressive and corrupt powers. This source points out very clearly where Jesse’s hate for the Union came from. It says that, “Federal soldiers, angry that Frank James had disappeared, assaulted a pregnant Mrs. Samuels, then grabbed her husband and hung him from a tree. Jesse managed to free Samuels, but the damage was irreversible. Because of the torture, Samuels had rope burns on his neck for the…

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  • Anne Wolff Thesis

    Holocaust and one of the 1.5 million Jewish children who were killed or murdered during the 1930s and 1940s. Renate was a little girl in the past who stood in the shadows, and was part of a huge tragedy that impacted everyone in the world. Anne Frank once said, “Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.” Renate, Anne, and I have never met, but if we did, I think we would be good friends. We would be good friends because we have all gone…

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  • Essay On Their Royal Heilnesses

    Britain's "THe Sun" newspaper has embarrased the royal family with their front page article and photo titled "Their Royal Heilnesses". The title refers to rare footage that has cropped up, showingthe late Queen Mother, and daughter Queen Elizabeth II raising their right hand in the Nazi salute. The footage was filmed in the 1930's. Buckingham Palace is conducting an investigation as to how The Sun obtained the rare footage; if the footage was obtained illegaly legal action may be taken against…

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  • Hélène Berr Essay

    Hélène Berr is not a name people hear often or even maybe at all. She created a huge impact during the French Holocaust through her words. We found out about her through our research on the Holocaust and the people who were seen as figures of light during a time in such darkness. It was not easy to find information on her because of how reserved she kept her life, but the information that we did find on her is remarkable in every way possible. We chose Hélène Berr as our National History Day…

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  • Secret Anne Frank

    Anne Frank is remarkable 13 year old girl that grew up during the Holocaust. She lived in a place called the Secret Annex. You will learn about Anne description of the Secret Annex. How the people obtained food and supplies. And how their helpers kept them safe. Anne lived in the Secret Annex for two years and here her description of it. They placed a bookcase in front of the door that leads up to the Secret Annex. The rooms were bare but they were clean and orderly. The building they were…

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  • Compare And Contrast Anne Frank

    Anne Frank didn’t have to imagine this, instead this was her reality. Anne Frank was born a Jew and grew up her first years of childhood as a normal kid. Soon her life turned around and her and all of the Jew population was being punished. The play and the movie were different and alike in many ways, but after analyzing both, the movie is much more preferred. The story of Anne Frank. (Based on The Diary of Anne Frank movie) Anne was a young normal teen when her life changed forever. The Frank…

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  • A Silent Book Summary

    door was turning slowly, the door opened and it was Gestapo. The Franks, Van Daans, and Peter were doomed, knowing the next stop was being relocated at the concentration camps. Miep Gies had a disappointed look on her face probably she could have warned them, but no one was prepared for this. Miep Gies knew she couldn’t lie to Gestapo or else it would have been horrible for each and everyone of them. The Gestapo arrested the Franks, Van Danns, and Dussel…

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  • Moraler In The Diary Of Anne Frank

    In the movie The Diary Of Anne Frank you meet different characters with different traits. For example, Peter Van Daan was introduced in the movie. At first he is quiet and shy. When Anne and Peter first met, Peter was hesitant to talk to anyone which led to his mother having to introduce him. Another character that is introduce in the film was Mr. Kraler. Mr. Kraler is the “protector ” of the group. He is also a leader and he would do anything to protect everyone living in the annex. For example…

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  • War Changed Anne Frank Essay

    How The War Changed Anne Anne Frank was an average teenage girl, with a twist. Although she was going through the same emotional and physical changes any 13 year old would, Anne was living in what could be described as the most gruesome, and life-taking genocide in history- The Holocaust. The Frank family had lived a happy life as Jews. Anne and her sister, Margot going to school everyday, and their parents, Otto and Edith tending to work around the house and Otto working at his business.…

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