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  • Frank Sinatra Essay

    It is self evident that Frank Sinatra has inspired countless artists in todays music world from all diverse genres of music. The two pieces of music I will be comparing are Panic! At the Disco’s “Death of a Bachelor” and Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. Both, “Death of a Bachelor” and “My Way” are portrayed in different ways, but both songs are in relation to an end of an era. Although the song “Death of a Bachelor” was not inspired by a specific Sinatra song, Panic! was inspired by Sinatra’s…

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  • Tolerance During The Holocaust In Cambodia

    ever been placed in situation like this? Many people have, including famous people in history like Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler. Another situation like this was the Holocaust in Cambodia. Not many people are aware about this. Being tolerative is a good trait to have in situations like these. Anne Frank was a young girl, that was born in Frankfurt, Germany, to her parents Otto and Edith Frank. Her family went into hiding in 1942 in a Secret Annexe that was in her father's building, which he…

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  • How Did Edith Cavell Have A Spy

    Edith Cavell was a nurse and a spy( to her country). She had nursed over 200 Allied soldiers and helped them escape the German- covered Belgium to the front lines. She was killed by a firing squad due to this on October 12, 1915. Edith Cavell was born on December 4, 1865 in Swardeston, a small village that is located near Norwich located in England. She had three younger siblings: Florence, Lilian and John. Her father was The Reverend Frederick Cavell and her mother was Louisa Sophia. She never…

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  • Ruth's Flashbacks In After The War

    There are many reasons why “sometimes even living is an act of courage” is a major theme in the novel After the War. After the War is an interesting novel about a young girl named Ruth who joins an underground organization called the Brichah. The Brichah is a group of Jewish holocaust survivors who are trying to travel to Palestine, or Eretz Israel. The theme is evident in many sections of this novel, but clearly shown in Ruth’s flashbacks, Sarah’s Story and in Jonathan’s story. First of all,…

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  • Marsh Mallow Research Paper

    As Marsh Mallow Marshmallow woke up, he thought of how much of a cannibal Mr. Bellamy’s marshmallow was. Marshmallow, as his friends cleverly nicknamed him, got out of bed and went down stairs. He ate Donuts and Bacon, and high fived Cookie Monster because it was Christmas. He and Cookie Monster had been best friends since 1st grade, when Caillou saw Marshmallow, and licked his face. Caillou’s saliva ate up a little bit of Marshmallow’s face. It left a permanent scar. Cookie Monster came…

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  • Most Secure Prison Alcatraz

    built in 1934, to hold the most dangerous and clever prisoners. Many tried to get away from this life sucking prison, but none succeeded. They were either caught, drowned, or shot. It closed in 1963. One of the great mysteries of Alcatraz is whether Frank Morris, and his accomplices, ingenious escape plan. They thought of everything, the men just hoped their homemade raft stayed together. The night came and they left the prison as planned. There is evidence found that say that they didn't make…

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  • The Diary Of Anne Frank Sacrifice

    The diary of Anne Frank is at the time of the 1940s and tells a story of a young bright girl and her family. Mr.Otto Frank returned home only to later realize his family was gone and he was the only survivor. Soon after he was given the diary he gave to Anne from Miep Gies a family friend who help the Franks and the van Daans in the annex. Once he got the diary he was encouraged to publish his child's words under the name of “The Diary of a Young Girl”. Behind a bookshelf was a door which led to…

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  • Comparison And Contrast Essay: The Diary Of Anne Frank

    The Diary of Anne Frank Compare/Contrast Essay The Diary of Anne Frank is a story about a 13 year old girl who lived during the holocaust. Her and her family were Jewish and were forced into hiding. They along with 4 other people hid in the attic above Mr. Frank’s office, called the “annex”. The Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel lived there for two years without stepping outside and relying on Miep and Mr. Kraler to bring them basic supplies, food, and information about the world. This…

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  • Importance Of Lying To Respond To Conflict

    Two when most of the world was at war with the Nazi's. In World War Two there was a young girl named Anne Frank who lived in hiding during the war so she would not be sent to a death camp. People should best respond to conflict by lying , hiding from conflict and writing about their conflicts. Lying is a way that can get you out of harmful or life threatening situations. In the book Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl the Van Dan's lied about staying in the secret Annex. “Lying becomes a convenient…

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  • Ruth Kluger: A Hero

    When you hear the name Ruth Kluger what comes to mind? Maybe you’ve heard of her, maybe you read her book , maybe you know her for her job as a professor or maybe you have no idea who she is. Well I know her for being a survivor of the holocaust and a hero, and here’s how. Ruth Kluger was born October 30th 1931 in Vienna Austria, as a child she was abused by her mother and often neglected she grew up watching the horrible events that changed her life. She grew up only knowing how to read and…

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