Financial statement analysis

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  • Personal Reflection On Accounting 203

    The concept within Exam #1 of Accounting 203 that I seemed to struggle with the most was the interrelation of each financial statement. I was conflicted in the task of defining which specific account and/or topic appeared on each financial statement. In addition to this, I also seemed to struggle in the condensed definitions of the financial statements. However, I did feel that I performed adequately in the section of the exam that dealt with the concept of expenses and losses and gave a fair…

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  • Dorael's Valuation Case

    Entities), since the risk level associated to the asset is determinant. Based on legal conditions (SFAS 140) regarding the sale and related obligations regarding transfer of risks (as discussed in question 2), a higher risk asset transferred to Doral Financial Corp (or any transferor) should result into a greater substance reaming in the structure. According to the class action against Doral, “It is likely that there were oral agreements or understandings between the former Treasurer and the…

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  • Reflection Of Financial And Accounting

    increased my knowledge especially in the financial and accounting aspect. This course has introduced me to understanding the relationship between financial and accounting in making an effective strategic decision. In as much they sound alike they are different and used in different purposes, both accounts are important to the business but are used for different purposes. Financial statements are requirement for any organisation and are published at the end of a financial period for its…

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  • Case Study: A Career In Auditing

    Whitely role on the audit team for this client was to analyze the property area financial disclosure and vouching additions for the current year. Furthermore, during the audit the auditing team had obtained information from…

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  • Situation Analysis: Financial Analysis Of The Walt Disney Company

    My choice of the company to base on in my financial statement analysis is the Walt Disney Company. This is a company that mainly deals with the entertainment industry by animation.Its aim are to become, in the nearest possible future one the leading providers of entertainment and information to their various audiences. This is done by their various efforts to invest in creativity so that they are able to pull more audiences towards their works of art. Their commitment to creativity and…

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  • Five Concepts Of Entrepreneurship Essay

    Entrepreneurship The five concepts of entrepreneurship I learned that I didn’t know before were feasibility analysis, promotion, financial statements, sole proprietorships, and Market penetration strategy. Feasibility analysis is important because it is an evaluation for a products/service overall appeal. I noticed that it’s a great tool to know if a business is usable or not. I will use a feasibility analysis in the future when I decide to create my own business. This tool will tell and…

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  • Relationship Between GAAP/FASB And Accounting

    relationship between GAAP/FASB and personal financial statements? Peavler, R. (2017). IFRS and FASB - What are Financial Reporting Standards? Retrieved September 25, 2017, from Both GAAP and FASB have rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to make sure everything is properly reported. GAAP deals with the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows. FASB…

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  • Audit Case 10-Q Audit

    Based on my analysis from the third quarter 10-Q’s comparative common-sized financial statements, and the earnings quality, I think there are three aspects should be attention-directing for the auditor in planning and performing the audit. First, double checking the inventory. As a retailer company, inventories are the most important assets that account for more than half of the pier 1’s assets and they are the main resource of revenue, so this account has high risk and should be kept on a…

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  • Peyton Approved Case Study

    it can ensure no receipts have been lost or stolen, concealed errors or irregularities are not left unchecked. It holds everyone accountable for their responsibilities in the ledgers or statements and making sure it is accurate at all times. Peyton approved also performs monthly reconciliations of bank statements and cash receipts therefore providing a good checks and balance…

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  • Personal Accounting Case Study

    a. What is accounting and how does it help you manage your personal finance? b. Describe the three products of accounting and bookkeeping procedures that are most useful in personal financial planning. C. How could personal financial software assist you in your personal financial decisions? Accounting is one of those tools that make complex things like a huge sum and its breaking down through somehow diverse and seemingly unrelated activities look relatively easy to grasp to us as we strive to…

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