Financial statement analysis

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  • BHP Case

    overheads, wages and other expenditures) related to the management of business operation. If the business is generating the turnover equal to its expenditure, making neither a profit nor a loss, company is said to be breaking even unprofitability is the financial loss faced by the company. The fast expansion of the company by way of acquisitions contributed to its lower and declining profits apart from other reasons. BHP’s return…

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  • Banker's Life Case Study

    company-wide sales process when analyzing the email, online content, and phone systems. Bankers Life & Casualty is an insurance company subsidiary division of CNO Financial. The mission statement for CNO Financial states their goal is for “Providing financial security for the life, health, and retirement needs of Middle America” (CNO Financial Group, n.d.). However, Bankers Life offers a broad selection of life and health insurance products designed especially for Americans who are near or in…

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  • Empire Real Estate Investment Trust Case Study

    There are different accounting standards that have been introduced by the respectable bodies in order to make the accounting process of the assets convenient. In this paper, a company name, Empire Real Estate Investment Trust needs financial advice regarding its matter of office building in Central London. The paper is divided into four different parts in which four different situations are provided and the treatment of which is elaborated under two accounting standards that is IAS 40 and IAS 16…

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  • Difference Between Accrual Accounting And Cash Accounting

    Accrual Accounting Guide This is a comprehensive guide to accrual accounting. Let’s start with understanding what accrual accounting is. What is Accrual Accounting? Accrual accounting is the art and science of recording, summarizing, classifying the revenues and expenses of the company whenever they happen even if the cash in yet to be received or yet to be paid. Most of the companies follow accrual accounting because it takes care of the complexities of the accounting system. For sole…

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  • Big Green Egg Market Analysis

    slow smoking (Big Green Egg, 2015). The Green Egg can be used to cook all meats, seafood, pizza, calzone, and casseroles. This amazing product has worldwide popularity and has the potential to thrive in many markets. Therefore, an in-depth market analysis needs to be conducted to assist in making a final decision. Regardless of the product and market, to launch and successfully establish a product in an established market, there are many factors that must be given careful consideration such…

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  • The Importance Of International Financial Reporting Standards

    International Financial Reporting Standards are a set of high quality and complex accouting standards for the preparation of consolidated financial statements. International Accounting Standards Board set a mission to develop IFRS to promote transparency, accountability and economic efficiency in global capital markets (IFRS 2015). By regulating the financial reporting globally, IFRS enhance financial reporting transparency. Adopting IFRS, euqities are required to disclose financial performance…

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    convergence can result in confusion and lack of trade between countries due to varying rules and principles. The SEC has tried to facilitate convergence by removing “the requirement for non-US companies registered in the United States to reconcile their financial reports with US GAAP if their accounts complied with IFRSs as issued by the IASB” ( Also, the SEC has published a roadmap on adopting IFRSs for domestic U.S. companies, to guide any company to…

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  • Usefulness And Limitations Of The Five Accounting Concept

    1. Introduction The financial statements prepared by a firm must be based on certain concept. Accounting concept is a guideline or regulation standards have been generally accepted and recognized in the processing and presentation of accounting data. The aim of concept is to ensure that financial reports were made honestly and fairly and to avoid distortion in the practice of accounting. Thus, the concept must be known to understand the accounting process. We want to discuss about meaning,…

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  • Financial Case Study: Cango Financial Ratio

    the Risk Management Association the average debt ratio for most companies is 62%, given that CanGo is at just over 40% should they need financing for a project banks will consider them as low risk and be more likely to give lower interest rates (Financial,2008)…

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  • Scottish Treats Audit Case

    the company need in having an audit. The information for the company hoping to go for listing on stock exchange allows us to broaden our analysis for and answering your queries. Besides, the topics which will be disclosed in relation with the queries are including several legal requirements of auditors, the relation between audit and company’s financial statements and most importantly the massive argument on the independence of auditors. All of these topics will help you as a managing director…

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