Sherwin Williams Case Study

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To provide a thorough review and analysis of the performance management system of the Sherwin-Williams corporation, we collected data at both the corporate and retail level. Two current Sherwin-Williams employees, Samantha Grayshaw and Alex MacLellan assisted in data collection. A situational analysis was also conducted to understand the internal and external environment of the organization. This report highlights the strengths and areas of improvement of the current performance management system using Grayshaw and MacLellan as case studies. It concludes with three recommendations on how Sherwin Williams can enhance the current system, meet the needs of employees, and stay competitive in its industry.
Situational Analysis
Sherwin-Williams is a leading global company that specializes in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of different paints, coatings, and other related products. Their main paint and coating products include: special purpose coatings, OEM coatings, and
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Employees are formally evaluated once a year in the form of an appraisal form, appendix D-G, and informally on an ongoing basis by direct supervisors. Samantha Grayshaw, a lead analyst in the marketing department, says that her boss will regularly provide her with feedback and recommendations following a presentation. Poor performers may receive occasional scolding, which is difficult to process at first, but, later, can be a helpful tool to improve performance. Although, she is only formally evaluated by her direct supervisor, other departments with a more collaborative and team centered work environment receive evaluations from peers. This 360-degree style process only works in certain departments and is not the common practice overall at

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