Reflection Of The First Day In The Coop

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First day in the coop, I attend course in Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM.
• Orientation Program:
Division Name Person Name Time Data
Shared Services Khaja 11:00 AM 6th/Jun/2016
Shared Services Mohammed Hussain 10:00 AM 6th/Jun/2016
Shared Services Rayan 10:30 AM 6th/Jun/2016
C & B Abdullah Bazahair 11:00 AM 6th/Jun/2016
Recruitment Amjed 11:30 AM 6th/Jun/2016
RM Adel Ayonusa 12:00 PM 6th/Jun/2016
RM Majed Okasi 12:30 PM 6th/Jun/2016
Employee care Shadi 1:00 PM 6th/Jun/2016

After I finish the Orientation Program I take a good overview about the divisions.
BANK ALJAZIRA use Oracle System.
I worked with Mr. Mohammed Hussain and I prepared a summary sheet for seven firms
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18th/ Jul /2016
I set with new coop student and I explain to him about the work and I made for him Orientation Program with all department.
Write agreed form for AL-Bait Al-Hassan. Create user name and password for external source employee.
Link 7 employee to one manger (Reporting Line). Explain to new coop student how to create user name and password. Create database for 20 new position that database include new position with sequence, corporate title, organization, location and direct manager.
Link 20 new position to direct manager in the system. Create user name and password for 5 employees (Internal Source).
On Saturday I was Attend testing new HRMS systems with my team, and I help them in testing Reporting Line.
Enter data of payroll manger in SIMAH - individual form. I met with Mr. Thamer and discuss what I finished in the design. Create user name and password for 3 employees (Internal Source). Prepare presentation for Al-Bait Al-Hassan. Contact with Mr. Husam Al-Ghamdi and to complete missing Emails in the database that I send it to

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