Financial statement analysis

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  • Bookkeeping Vs. Accounting: Difference Between Bookkeeping And Accounting

    two notions. Bookkeeping implies a more administrative work of keeping financial recording and retaining documentation for transactions. Many bookkeepers begin with performing functions of data-entry clerks and then by gaining more experience in the field, their role within a company may evolve into being an accountant. The functions of an accountant are more subjective. Their work may also involve reporting and business analysis…

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  • SWOT And Porter Five Forces For Comparative Ratio Analysis: United Continental Corp.

    Annual Reports: For comparative ratio analysis, all of the financial reports of preceding three years 2014-2016 were downloaded from official sites of both the firms. Official Websites: The official sites of both the Delta Air Lines and United Continental Holdings were considered to acquire the authentic data for building portfolio information of the products, business objectives and history of the firms. Newspaper/Articles/Reports: Different Newspapers including USA Today, Telegraph, The…

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  • Innovative And Action-Oriented CPA Accounting

    achievement in streamlining analysis and reporting efforts, whilst meeting statutory, financial and management reporting obligations. Recognised as a value add business partner, helping divisions with reducing costs and on commercial decision making. Strong compliance focus with the ability to manage risk and work in close collaboration with third party auditors. Able to look beyond the numbers and offer meaningful interpretations. Effective leader and mentor. • Statutory & Financial Reporting…

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  • Polycom Fraud Case Study

    7) The auditing procedures or approaches that could have been used for your case. In particular, strive to answer the following questions: a) How what could what auditors normally do be tweaked (e.g. nature, timing or extent) to catch management off guard? The auditors should assess the company’s environment and market in order to determine whether there is a possibility of the management fraud. The auditors could gather an understanding by investigating the management’s background, look for…

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  • JB Hi-Fi Profit And Loss Statement

    Introduction Financial management requires the effective exploration of financial statements, the information relayed provides valuable insights into the health of a company (Lohrey n.d.). This report has conducted a performance evaluation and stock valuation for the JB Hi-Fi Group Pty Ltd (JB Hi-Fi). Australia’s largest home entertainment retailer, JB Hi-Fi sells home consumer products across 187 stores in Australia and New Zealand. By investigating the performance and stocks of a company,…

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  • Deloitte & Touche Case Study

    Internal Auditing of Financial Performance in Deloitte & Touche Introduction Nowadays, the auditing is an essential in each company because it helps to prevent the fraud and monitoring internal control (Jeffrey & studioD, 2016). Our integrated research proposal contains why I choose both of the industry and organization. Also, I provide the SWOT analysis and what are some of relevant CLOs either from semester 7 or semester 8. Then, I write about the statement of the problem with the objective of…

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  • Zara's Financial Statement

    Zara’s financial statement analysis The financial statement is recognized as an efficient method of communicating the company’s financial status and statistics to its shareholders (CILT, 2014a, p. 17). In addition, it aims is to provide a detailed description of where the company stands from a financial perspective along with its performance in a specified period. Hence, an organization can plan and set their future economic decisions based on their performance reflected in the financial…

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  • Personal Reflection On Accounting 203

    The concept within Exam #1 of Accounting 203 that I seemed to struggle with the most was the interrelation of each financial statement. I was conflicted in the task of defining which specific account and/or topic appeared on each financial statement. In addition to this, I also seemed to struggle in the condensed definitions of the financial statements. However, I did feel that I performed adequately in the section of the exam that dealt with the concept of expenses and losses and gave a fair…

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  • Consolidated Financial Report: Woolly Ltd.

    Introduction: Due to some directors’ lack of understanding on consolidated financial reports, as the chief accountant for Woolly Ltd, I am here to present a report in order to demonstrate the purpose of preparing consolidated financial reports and why it is significant to have these consolidated reports to users. In general, consolidated financial reports are the combined financial statements of a parent company and its subsidiaries. Since Woolly Ltd is the parent company of Jumper Ltd, these…

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  • Case Study: A Career In Auditing

    Whitely role on the audit team for this client was to analyze the property area financial disclosure and vouching additions for the current year. Furthermore, during the audit the auditing team had obtained information from…

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