Iron Fist Argumentative Essay

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In a time when justice would be serve within two days, there live Iron Fist and Death Stare. These two went to the same school and graduated by the master name Brainer. Brainer is one of the smartest person in the world. Iron Fist and Death Stare had this last mission to complete before they retire. During the mission, they both discovered a 5.2 million abandon dollars, uncounted for. It was tempting for the both of them, but Iron Fist insisted that they bring it in. Death Stare stated that Iron Fist is crazy and said; “this can be our retirement money and we can split it between the two of us”. After a long debate, Iron Fist called it in and these two were no longer friends anymore. They went from being friends to adversary. Due to their behavior …show more content…
They made their way through the house and started searching. After a while, they discover a live streaming of classic girl in a place being held unwillingly. With anger in their eyes, there mind was set on only one thing, getting Classic Girl and bringing her home alive. Lucky for them Classic Girl had a camera recording her home 24/7. So they viewed the camera and found out that the men who took Classic Girl had on the shirt master Brainer gave all his students in the academy. They both came up with different ideas and had hard time choosing which one will work. So they both agreed on taking turns. Death Stare went first, he believe that they should force the master to speak then kill him. Iron Fist on the other hand, believe that they sound questioned and follow the master. So they went to the master house and questioned him about the disappearance of Classic Girl and go no answer. So they followed the master to a big abandon dungeon, heavily guarded by troops. After confirming that see is in there, they were now ready to move. After getting backup and forming a plan, Iron Fist and Death Stare took lead of the team. Iron Fist knock nearly 80 men with his fist and Death Stare killed about 50 with a

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