Case Study Of Financial Inclusion And Human Development

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1. Francis Kuriakose in his study on “Financial Inclusion and Human development” A case study of Puduchery , India” to assess the extent of financial inclusion and relationship between financial inclusion and human development in puduchery. The study revealed that. Many respondents have bank account but still they are not able to operate it properly. Majority of the respondents are facing problem in getting credit from the banks. But overall financial inclusion in puduchery has a quite good score.22

2. Minakshi Ramji (2009) a study on “ Financial Inclusion in Gulbarga: Finding usage in Access” the study showed there are no such happy news that we can see a large number of people are participating in financial inclusion. It is also seen that
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Mrs. Ramya Krishnan (2014) in her study titled “A study of Financial Inclusion and financial literacy among tribal people in wayanad district in kerala” with the objectives of mainly to find the extent of financial inclusion and awareness of financial products and the day to today money management among tribals. The study states that the tribal people are less informed about the various financial products and services. Majority of them are illiterate. Even though they have bank accounts they are not much aware of making use of it properly and managing the money. 25

4. Emily Levi-D Ancona in her case study “financial literacy and inclusion of women in rural Rajasthan” tells that gender inequality is a major issue in many areas which women faces and they are not aware of many financial products and services. However there are some functioning in SHG among women and also some social benefits from MEDP training.

5. Khurram Ajas Khan in the study “Financial Awareness and Investment Preference of working women in Kampala, Uganda” discovers that the working women’s financial literacy is quite satisfactory. But the working women segment is still very small and needs lots of improvement from the side of
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Mr.C.Annamali & Dr.K. Vijayarani conducted (2014) a study on “Awareness of financial inclusion on tribal people in Dharmapuri District” identified that majority of the respondents have bank account. But the study shows that even though they have bank account they are not aware of baking services and products. And also it was seen that many of the respondents gets money from money lenders and they say that it is the easy way to borrow money.21

15. Sangeetha K prathap in her study (2011)“ Financial inclusion of fisher households in coastal Kerala – Role of Micro Finance” observed that based on many aspects such as education, occupation ,wealth of households it is found that there is a positive influence of households in financial inclusion and they are the participants. There are so many micro financing programs provide by government the fisher household should wisely make use of it for getting more benefit out of it.22

16. “Review paper on Financial Inclusion – The means of inclusive Growth” done by Purvi Shah and Medha Dubhashi (2015) states that it banks should take a holistic approach in making awareness about financial literacy like financial products, services, credits etc, From the part of bank an intensive measures should be taken to outreach the their products and services and to encourage financial

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