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  • Child Support Argumentative Essay

    In the State of Tennessee and just like any other state in the U.S, child support if a very controversial subject amongst many due to mainly one reason, the fairness of the courts between mother and father. Child support, a court ordered payment system, is comprised of a payment method made by the non-custodial parent to the second parent for the better benefit of the child or children. In the state of Tennessee, more often than not, custody automatically goes straight to the mother it seems.…

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  • Deadbeat Dads Pros And Cons

    Single Parents are not a rarity in American contemporary society. Many parents agree upon a non-court ordered payment upon separation to support the child. When the father suddenly ceases providing for the child in the manner agreed upon, the mother may become upset and overwhelmed with the notion of not having that means of support. The now single-mother will be tempted to push forth with filing a court ordered child support payment plan, assuming the father is now a “deadbeat dad.” However,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Edin And Kefalas

    Edin and Kefalas Trump Horn Single parent families are becoming more and more common across the nation. Author Wade F. Horn captures the heart of the matter with alarming statistics in his article “Promoting Marriage as a Means for Promoting Fatherhood,” while Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas look at the issue first hand by interviewing various single mothers in their article “Unmarried with Children.” Although Horn, as well as Edin and Kefalas effectively convince readers of their views by using…

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  • Fatherhood Theory

    Introduction There is a well-established relationship between adolescent fatherhood and delinquent behavior. In addition, per the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, delinquent behavior among young males is one of the most influential risk factors for becoming a parent during their adolescent years. Research on delinquent adolescent fathers has largely ignored the possible positive effects that fatherhood poses for this subpopulation. Further, they suggest individuals who are…

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  • Summary: Do Fathers Benefit Kids

    Fathers Benefit Kids Does the presence of a father contribute to the healthy development of his children? The article Even Sometimes Dads Confer Big Time Benefits on Kids covers the claim on how fathers who bounce in and out of a child’s life is better than not having a father whatsoever. The primary researcher from the University of Houston, Daphne Hernandez, presents her insight into the 1979 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth analysis. Hernandez and her colleagues’ purpose of the analysis…

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  • Essay On Fatherless Adolescents

    As Kruk (2012) observes, fatherless adolescents have more difficulties with social settings, adjustments and manifest behavioral problems. Some hide their resentment and unhappiness by putting on a good face, or others imitate a tough character persona to hide their fears and anxieties (Kruk, 2012). Due to the stress of dealing with these emotions, fatherless children perform inferior academically. 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless families; they score poorly on tests or…

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  • Men Worthy Of Honor Essay

    Men Worthy of Honor Edgar Lee Marshall, Sr./Robert E. Marshall A Father 's Day Tribute to Two Good Men Our father, Mr. Edgar Lee Marshall came to Texas on September 14, 1999 to live with me because his doctors in Alabama and Maryland had informed him that he had only two weeks to live, due to congestive heart failure. He decided that he wanted to spend that time with my children and I because he hadn 't gotten to know my children. I told my children that we were going to teach Granddaddy…

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  • Self-Awareness And Freedom In Alice Walker's The Color Purple

    Set against the patriarchal backdrop of the Deep South with its norm of male dominance, Alice Walker’s, The Colour Purple, maps the journey the novel’s protagonist, Celie, makes toward self-awareness and freedom. Walker’s epistolary structure highlights the importance of having opportunities to express ones thoughts and feelings in order to develop a sense of self and demonstrates how women have had their voices taken from them. Celie’s growth and the resulting parallel decline of male dominance…

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  • Analysis Of Go Ask Dad For Father's Day

    Who to Ask: Dad, or the Internet? Many teenagers are awestruck with technology, and frequently turn to it before their own fathers. Simultaneously, fathers are becoming more involved in their children’s lives. Sons are referring to technology rather than their fathers, and are struggling with tasks because of this. When sons consult their fathers, they are more successful at accomplishing tasks; this also strengthens the father-son bond. Considering these circumstances, Gillette released…

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  • Stereotypes In Gillette's Go Ask Dad

    Many teenagers are awestruck with technology, and frequently turn to it before their own fathers. For Father’s Day, Gillette released an ad entitled “Go Ask Dad.” The video opened with a statistic: 94% of teenagers ask the Internet for advice before their dads. From there, the video showed different fathers speaking in various languages about their experiences as fathers. They said it was “a challenge,” that their kids get “lost in technology.” The fathers also said their kids don’t come to…

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