Welcome To The Black Parade Speech Analysis

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Everyone has a favorite memory with their father; maybe it was him teaching you to ride a bike, or dropping you off at school on your first day of kindergarten. No matter which memory comes to mind, you will always carry it with you through life and reflect on it when you miss your father the most. This message is shared in various forms of popular culture, from television commercials and movies to music and artwork. One song in particular does an excellent job of portraying this. “Welcome to the Black Parade,” by My Chemical Romance, is a song sung from the point of view of a son whose father is about to pass away. The son is remembering the different pieces of advice and wisdom his father has given him throughout life, and how those sayings …show more content…
Many of us, including myself, can identify with this theme. We look up to our fathers for help, for guidance, and for support, especially during the first eighteen years of our lives. These are the memories of your father you will always have. Your father will always have a lasting impact on your life through your memories of his direct fathering and the advice he has given you in his paternal care because it creates an emotional bond that will provide you with foundation to making happiness in your life.
One line that is frequently repeated in the song is “And though you 're dead and gone believe me, your memory will carry on.” This, along with “We’ll carry on,” is repeated often. The constant repetition of the lyrics “carry on” show that the writer of the song feels that even if his father is gone, he will still be able to carry on in life,
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As we have learned in class, fathering is not the same across the world. Many societies do not have fathers that are as directly involved as fathers in the western world are. That being said, it relates to this because the song is showing us the benefit of having a directly involved father, and we can compare that to our knowledge of societies that lack this. This idea can be the foundation of a comparative study between societies. We also have evidence that fathering is changing even in a single society. Elaine Morgan, author of “Father Nature” from page 229 in the textbook, discusses how the nature of fathering, specifically in the Western world, has been changing over the past century. When we see more and more men willing to stay at home with their children, they are increasing their paternal care and fathering influence over their children. They are making positive memories with their children, memories that they will have long after their parents have left them. This can relate to the song because the son and father clearly have a very strong relationship. Though Morgan’s study was from the United Kingdom, and the song was written by an American individual, we can predict from the interactions between the son and father that he may have been a stay-at-home father. These two course concepts, differences across cultures

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