Argumentative Essay On Go Ask Dad

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Many teenagers are awestruck with technology, and frequently turn to it before their own fathers. For Father’s Day, Gillette released an ad entitled “Go Ask Dad.” The video opened with a statistic: 94% of teenagers ask the Internet for advice before their dads. From there, the video showed different fathers speaking in various languages about their experiences as fathers. They said it was “a challenge,” that their kids get “lost in technology.” The fathers also said their kids don’t come to them for advice as often as they had gone to their own dads as children. The set is a basic room with gray walls, a sink and mirror, an oven, and some cabinets. There is also a table with a tablet on it. Male children walk into the room, and are instructed to look some things up on the Internet. They are shown struggling as they try to tie a tie, to shave, to ask a girl out, and to fry an egg. The kids rewind the videos, generally appearing to fail at the simple tasks they were attempting. After some footage of these failures, the fathers are brought in. They demonstrate how to do the tasks; the parent and child are seen bonding and laughing through the activities. There is a focus on their shaving together. Subsequently, the parent and child are brought to the table and asked which was better, their dad or the …show more content…
The video only shows sons, but tried to include fathers of different demographics and ethnicities. While the lack of female representation is disappointing, it is expected because Gillette’s target audience is male. They were trying to play to the heartstrings of male viewers because those are the primary people who would buy their razors. The purpose of the is ad is to convince people to talk to their fathers, while subconsciously gaining an appreciation for Gillette razors. The context of this ad is that it was released on Father’s Day and was intended to increase interest in the

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