External iliac artery

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  • Drowning In Salt Water Drowning Essay

    Drowning is known dying due to submersion and inhaling water. Most drownings occur within males and children. Most people drown due to not knowing how to swim, Alcohol use while swimming , and/or no supervision while swimming. One thing most people do not pay attention to is how drowning in fresh water can be different from drowning in salt water. More drownings occur in fresh water then they do in salt water and in some case the victims can die hours after the incident. Water goes into the…

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  • Hypertension Case Study Paper

    “long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems”, (Mayo clinic, 2015). This disease is found by the amount of blood that the heart is pumping and the flow that the blood has to the arteries. When the heart has to pump more blood to the heart, then the arteries narrow and this can cause…

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  • Blood Pressure: A Case Study

    The purpose of this study was to further understand the cardiovascular system under normal conditions, stress and postural changes. To help illustrate the effects of the cardiovascular systems components the dive reflex and venous system were also tested. In the tilt table test, the response of effect of gravity and sympathetic activation of the heart were being examined to determine the response of BP, MAP, PP, HR, SV, CO and TPR during Effects of Posture on Blood Pressure (BP). It was…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 9 Lab Report

    The narrowing of the artery walls is going to make moving oxygen through them much harder than it would be in healthy arteries. So if a patient with atherosclerotic arteries performed the same test, they would show a higher double product. The patient 's resting double product is going to start higher and, with exercise, the patient will most likely…

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  • Importance Of Cardiovascular System In Home Care

    factors. The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. The arteries take the blood away from the heart and the veins bring it back to it, completing the circuit. This process is what brings oxygen, nutrients, and protection to the body 's cells. It is also the process that takes waste materials from the cells to be removed from the body. If the cardiovascular (cardio – heart, vascular – veins and arteries) system does not work properly, the body cannot function. The main…

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  • Atherosclerosis Case Study Essay

    the advancement of atherosclerosis in their arteries.12:All 2. Angioplasty- Patients with severe atherosclerosis have an artery that has a greater than 70% reduction in diameter due to cholesterol buildup. The mission of the procedure is to increase the amount of space available for blood flow in a mostly blocked artery. The surgeon will insert a balloon to open up the space and then insert a stent to ensure the artery stays open.12:All 3. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting- This treatment is…

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  • Segment Elevation Heart Attack

    Non-ST Segment Elevation Heart Attack A heart attack occurs when a blood vessel on the surface of the heart (coronary artery) is blocked and interrupts blood supply to the heart muscle. This causes that area of the heart muscle to permanently scar. This blockage may be caused by cholesterol buildup (atherosclerotic plaque) within a coronary artery. The plaque cracks which creates a rough surface where blood cells attach, forming a clot. Chest discomfort that happens with exertion and goes away…

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  • Short Summary: The Effects Of Stress On The Body

    The Effects of stress on the body Everyone experiences stress at one point in their life. There are multiple ways stress affects the body. School work, family issues and your job can be perfect examples of stress. No matter how stressed you get it will cause damage to the body. There are two types of stress short term and long term stress. Both do damage to your body. Short tern stress is normal, this is what happens when stress is temporary. Even though it is short term, stress can still do…

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  • SINU Nurse Reflection Paper

    During my first day shift in SINU, my preceptor nurse helped orient me to the floor. After meeting one patient, we were informed of a new admission that we would be taking care of. I was able to listen to Emergency Department nurse give report to my preceptor over the phone. I had the opportunity to go with the charge nurse to transport the new admission from the Emergency Department to our unit. Upon our arrival back to SINU, we transferred the patient from the stretcher to the bed, performed a…

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  • Pulse Pressure Essay

    will increase the pulse pressure. But in some cases, there’s a condition where the pulse pressure is high even at rest condition. In this case, something is not right with the heart condition. This condition may be due to the stiffness of the major arteries. An example is atherosclerosis (hardening of blood vessel’s wall). CONCLUSION The major determinant of the pulse pressure is the aortic compliance and also the stroke volume. The aortic compliance is the ability of the aorta to expand once…

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