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  • Eva Longoria Speech On Mexican Women

    2008). These rights granted them access to school and jobs. Before this disabled bodies have no existence in the United States collective memory. The ideology that disabled bodies are less than is completely western there are many other countries that praise disabilities. Collective memory is shaped by those in power in society and in the United states it is seen as a negative attribute to have. In India those with disabilities are seen as gods because they can replicate the deity’s bodies and action. In Mexico, disabled bodies are not seen as less than rather everyone is seen for what they can and not for what they cannot do. Those with able bodies might not be able to do what disabled bodies are capable of. This is the Perspective that Longoria takes. She was able to see the things that her sister is able to do and she is very proud of it. Disable bodies contribute to society because we can learn so much from their experiences. We can learn new ways to live life that make it easier. When Trump mocked the disabled writer, he was devaluing not only his credibility but also his existence. He was questioning whether that writer should even hold that position. The final ideograph is that of women and their quest for equitable rights. The start for women’s rights began in the United States in the mid eighteen-hundreds (Wood 2015). Previously to this, women had little power and were treated as less than their male counterparts. They were seen as property, tokens, and currency by…

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  • Charlie Parker's Swing Jazz

    Charlie Parker. Despite his short life, his contributions to jazz and bebop persist to this day. Charlie Christopher Parker Jr. was born on August 29, 1920, in Kansas City, Kansas, to Charles and Addie Parker, both of whom worked nighttime jobs, while Parker went to school (Megill,…

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  • Eva Peron Research Paper

    eva and juan peron.png Eva Peron was born in May 17,1919 in Los Toldos Argentina and Died July 26,1952 at Buenos Aires Argentina. Eva is the youngest of five children of Juan Duarte and Juana Ibarguren. Her dream was to become an actress and she obtained small parts in motion pictures and on the radio. In 1943 Eva met Colonel Juan Peron a secretary of labor and social welfare in the military goverment born october 8 1895 in Lobos, Argentina and died July 7,1974 at Olivos, Argentina. Eva…

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  • Character Analysis Of Robert Zemeckis's Back To The Future

    Though Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future is extremely successful in being a fun, blockbuster film, it does a very job in how it crafts the relationships between specific characters. Though Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is facing a struggle to get back home, there’s another struggle occurring in the movie between his father, George (Crispin Glover), and town bully, Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson). By tracing their acting and relative staging of these two in certain shots, a narrative between them…

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  • Art Tatum's Accomplishments

    child of amateur musicians. His father was a mechanic, and his mother was a housemaid who worked in white homes. Although he was not born into a wealthy family, his unique talents helped propel him into the spotlight. If anything, Tatum proved that it was not impossible to become a world-class extraordinaire despite growing up with limited funds. He was well-known for his songs, “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “Tea for Two,” and he was also commended for his spectacular dexterity and his high…

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  • How Did Charlie Parker Impact Society

    Charlie Parker’s Ill-Fated West Coast Trip Charlie “Bird” Parker is one of the most iconic figures not only in the modern jazz history, but also in the jazz history overall. Charlie Parker had an extraordinary melodic gift and regularly created solos that consisted of ling-lined melodies, each of which was elegant improvised composition unto itself. This gained a wide following among jazz musicians and greatly influenced the Jazz community in the iconic shift is music. Parker’s self-destructive…

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  • Canine Pancreatic Lipase Lab Report

    normal. (Left) NOTE: It is possible for no color to develop on the sample spot. Invalid Results Background —If the sample is allowed to flow past the activation circle, background color may result. Some background color is normal. However, if colored background obscures test result, repeat the test. No Color Development —If reference spot does not develop color, repeat the test *Attatched - CPL results for patient below* Name Jewell Bell Date 3/9/16 Species Canine Breed Pug Sex SF Age 10…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Evita

    making “Evita”, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice sought to present an unbiased portrayal of the life of Argentinian political leader Eva Peron. This unbiased portrayal however was interpreted as, an almost vicious attack to a woman that many Argentinians consider a saint. The musical “Evita” re-ignited a debate that had long since burned in Argentina, was this woman a saint or simply a social climber? The life of Eva Peron (then Eva Duarte) began in extreme poverty raised mainly in the town of…

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  • Miles Davis Short Biography

    This paper will be going into details of the jazz artist Miles Davis from the beginning of his music career to the end. In 1926 a well-known jazz artist by the name of Miles Davis was born in the city of Alton, Illinois. At the age of 13 Davis quickly developed talents in playing the trumpet. His father introduced him to this instrument and encouraged him into taking private lessons with a close friend of his that directed music at an art school. By High school he was a professional at playing…

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  • Isaac C. Parker: The Legend Of The Hanging Judge

    Isaac Parker. Remembered today as the “Hanging Judge”, Isaac C. Parker had an impressive thirty-five year career in public service. He became a frontier attorney, later served as a city attorney, state judge, a two year term representative to Congress, and his most notable legacy as a federal district judge in Fort Smith, Arkansas for twenty-one years. Isaac Charles Parker was born October 15, 1838 to Joseph and Jane Parker. He was born and raised near Barnesville, in Belmont County, Ohio.…

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