Eva Longoria Speech On Mexican Women

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Many Anglo males married into Mexican families so that they could because the heir to the land (Casas 2007). Women and their families were in favor of this as well because of the social benefits it would bring them. It would bring them protection from other Anglo males and give the children higher status in society. Unlike the colonialization in the United States that discouraged interracial couple the Spanish Colonialization encouraged it (Casas 2007). It encouraged those of darker skin to have offspring with lighter people. This caused a caste system that praised light skin and devalued light skin. Those with lighter skin were given more opportunities. These two benefits encourage many Mexican women to marry Anglo men. This left Mexican men out of the equation which started the hatred of Mexican women and the fetishism of Mexican women. These statements said by the president elect have a horizontal pull of hysteria, hatred, and anger. He went further with his statement and not only criminalizes Mexican men but also women. This takes away any power that Mexican people had which further the negative stigma created by collective memory.
The second ideograph is the negative stigma that is placed on disabled bodies. Disabled bodies are seen as less capable and sub human (“Open Your Eyes” 2008).
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She countered Trump’s ideology and was able to bring a different perspective on marginalized groups. She was able to show how insulting each of his comments were by showing the effected it had not only on a micro scale but a macro one. She incorporated the residue that still existed in the ideograph. She was able to reduce the amount of collective amnesia that the dominant group perpetuated. She did this by changing collective memory by making forgotten event part of the new collective memory. She was a great spokesperson for marginalized people because she was able to incorporate her own personal life making it more

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