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  • The Incredible Talking Machine

    The beginning of sound recording was an extranomical feet, shaking the ground of modern technology at the time, but now it has developed so rapidly to support our need of human connection that you might be surprised how similar we are to those who first invented it. The process of refining and marketing the phonograph from the texts “The History of the Edison Cylinder Phonograph” and “The Incredible Talking Machine” by Randall Stross is similar to the development of the Audio Spotlight in Mark Fischetti’s “Psst…. Hey You.” Competitors that battle to be top dog in the dog park, profits that could make a man rich for life, and brains needed to make it possible are all things both modern and older sound businessmen had to deal with. In most any way of living, competitors can be the most dangerous to your job and have been around the sound business since it started. Most all large companies or working men will face a competitor in their lifetime, someone who tries to take another's customers or sell someone else's product as their own, and Edison had many when word of his incredible talking machine got around. Edison had to deal with copycats and strong…

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  • Social Media Theory Of Reality

    advances in society have progressed in a way that blindly forces the public to become dependent on technology, considering corporate media is referenced as a primary source of knowledge to understand ourselves and global issues. The means of communication is constantly evolving and currently technological advances has enabled society to become reliant on cellular devices. Technology…

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  • The Corporation Documentary

    “The Corporation” documentary by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan shows that businesses are dishonest to the people to continue earning more revenue while the people are getting sick. The film also shows how corporations cause health problems and environmental issues by using unethical methods to obtain additional profit. This documentary examines the history of the corporation and the role they play in society. The main point throughout the documentary is that competition is…

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  • Analysis Of William Gibson's Neuromancer

    William Gibson is an American-Canadian writer who has had a very successful career. Gibson has built an impressive list of accolades including creating a science-fiction subgenre known as cyberpunk, creating the term cyberspace, and being the first author to win the science fiction “triple crown”--the Nebula Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the Hugo Award. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Gibson was able to accomplish all of this with one novel, Neuromancer. Published in 1984,…

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  • The Importance Of Collecting Personal Information

    As technology progresses, our customer protection laws struggle to keep up with the new and invasive ways that companies and large corporations collect personal data from the public. The NSA’s collection of data and tracking of digital activities has raised an increasing amount of concern with the public. Advertising companies also utilize this type of marketing, though it is far less known amongst the public. Social media has created a new way for these companies to gain access to deeply…

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  • Charles Schwab Corporation Case Study

    MicroEconomics of the Charles Schwab Corporation Final Paper Tinsley Teague Tri-County Technical College Abstract The Charles Schwab Corporation is an American brokerage and banking firm based in San Francisco, California that was founded in 1971 by Charles Schwab as a traditional brokerage firm and investment newsletter publisher. Their mission is to provide customers with the most useful and ethical financial services in the world. Although there aren’t necessarily any production costs in…

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  • The Importance Of Corporate Outsourcing

    corporations should still be liable for the low wages and abuses that occur abroad, whether or not they are intentional. Deavers is an example of an individual who is one of the reasons why some companies, like Walmart, fail to assume corporate responsibility for the injustices and human rights violations that their employee (the independent contractor) imposes upon its workers. I would question why bright intellectuals like Deavers fail to admit the flaws in the corporate system in order to…

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  • The Retrenchment Strategy: Philips Electronics

    Market Penetration Heinz, an American food processing company known for its ketchup but also market a selection of other great tasting table products used the Market Penetration strategy. Market Penetration involves focusing on selling your existing products or services into your existing markets to gain a higher market share. Heinz implemented the strategy to focus on increasing its sales of existing products to their existing customer groups by adjusting the promotion part of their marketing…

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  • Feed M. T. Anderson Analysis

    The View of Future Technology has become a trend that opens the doors to the exploration of surreal technological features. That places us closer to the future people imagined. However, this futuristic world could trap our lives. Instead of enjoying the sunlight and fresh air, we will imprison and control by machines. Everything, people, animals, plants, and objects will be monitoring by machines, and our body, thoughts, and decisions would not have anything to express. Moreover, they will…

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  • Analysis Of The Sarbanes And Oxley Act Of 2002 (SOX)

    The Sarbanes and Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) was put into place because of outrageous fraud acts that were conducted by U.S. corporations that led to the layoffs of thousands of Americans. Companies were self-auditing therefore creating conflicts that might inflate accounting statements. The executives of the companies were not savvy enough to understand the complex forms to do addition checks on initial reporting. I this report the major topics that will be discussed are Mistakes made by the…

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