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  • Sample Essay On Bioswales

    Creative writing: Persuasive work sample essay. Rough draft 1 Rain, flooding, washouts, and landslides are all too normal for most Gladstone residents. Rain mixed with twigs and leaves block storm drains creating major traffic problems along city roadways. Flooding caused by the rapid evacuation of water from our city leads to a fast flowing river that causes landslides and destruction. This could all be prevented by installing a new system of water management called Bioswales.…

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  • Slime Mold Research Paper

    filtering or the food being wasted going back into the nutrient cycle (Supalla 1). This also happens in nature when and influx of food is not eaten, and it is decomposed. It can be released back into the nutrient cycle and can cause problems like eutrophication or high acidity. In the terrestrial zone the beginning of succession was exemplified. The first step of succession would be exposed rocks which is represented by the gravel at the bottom of the chamber (Friedland and Relyea 168). It is…

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  • Water Lab Report

    Introduction Water is a chemical compound comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom and is written in the chemical equation form of H2O. Water has a tetrahedral molecular shape which is also known as tetrahedral electron pair geometry (Ophardt, 2003). This arrangement is due to valence electron pairs, mutually repelling each other at a 109.5-degree angle. This repulsion is caused by a non-bonding pair of electrons and two hydrogen atoms which in turn repel against each other to form…

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  • Pollution Is Contaminating The World

    The effects are acid rain, global warming, effects on wildlife, heart problems, eutrophication, and depletion of the ozone layer. When fossil fuels are burned, harmful oxides are released in the air. When it rains, the water combines with the oxides and it becomes acid rain. Acid rain has the potential to cause great danger to plants, animals…

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  • Stop Abusing Sustainable Development: A System Dynamics Approach?

    Stop Abusing ‘Sustainability’ The misuse of the word ‘sustainability’ happens daily by those wishing to make a quick profit; all the while, their actions and thoughts are anything but sustainable. The general population is still trying to figure out this word, sustainability. Does it mean ‘eco-friendly’? Does it mean ‘more expensive’? What is this expensive, ‘hippie ideology’ and what does it have to do with development? The term ‘sustainable development’ was coined a couple decades ago…

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  • Cook Island Research Paper

    The Cook Islands is a Polynesian country comprising 15 small islands with a total land area of 240 km2 (Table 1), located in the South Pacific Ocean, but its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) covers an ocean area of 1.8 million km2. The country of the Cook Islands consists of two main groups, one in the north and one in the south. The southern group is nine elevated islands mainly of volcanic origin although some are virtually atolls. The majority of the population lives in the southern group (Fig.…

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  • Pre-Industrial Revolution And Air Pollution

    1. Introduction Pre-industrial revolution, humans beings used to live a primitive life whereby they used wood for cooking, warming house; as biofuel. Even later when they lived in houses, they used candles to light up their homes. Post-industrial revolution, human beings discovered new energy resources which have made life much easier to live. And the discovery of these resources (coal and oil), have also supported the advancement of new technologies e.g. automobiles, airplanes, generation of…

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  • Kudzu Impact

    The ability to overtop and shade forest trees, fix atmospheric nitrogen, and emit isoprene suggest that it may have substantial effects on native forest biodiversity, forest nitrogen cycles, watershed nitrogen saturation, freshwater eutrophication, and regional air quality (Forseth, 2004). The Kudzu overwhelm communities of plants and can stop the succession process by install dense stands of Kudzu which do not allow colonization by new plants…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Salmon Farm

    First, it may lead to Cultural eutrophication which occurs when excessive nutrients are added into lakes, rivers, and Oceans.This encourages the growth of algae which will cover the surface or water and there won’t be many sunlight and oxygen in the oceans because the algae will be using…

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  • Volkswagen Case Summary

    In mid-September 2015, the Volkswagen (VW) scandal erupted in the United States, creating a shockwave in the diesel automobile sector both domestic and international. US authorities accused VW of installing “defeat devices” in nearly half a million cars between 2009 and 2015 to make them appear less polluting than they actually are. Independent tests done by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) confirmed that a selection of VW vehicles were emitting up to 40 times more…

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