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  • The Sustainability Of The Environment

    We have a major role when it comes to the sustainability of the environment we live in today. Now, that we all have more knowledge about the world and how it works we all should understand that each of our action have their own consequences. You would think by us knowing how much we are contributing to ruining the world we all love people would change their ways, but we don’t because we all are very selfish. The most direct way that we are impacting the ecosystem is by polluting it.…

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  • Duckweed Hypothesis

    Proposal Background Duckweed also know as Lemna by her genus is a small plant, that is mostly found in sub-polar and tropics regions in ditches, ponds, lakes and slow flow-flowing rivers. Duckweed have the main function of remove waste of water, however the main problem is that grows fast (Moss et al.2012). Research Question Is the use of different concentrations of phosphates will affect the duckweed? Hypothesis The more phosphate use the more the plant will be affected. Aim To…

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  • Lemna Case Study

    Lemna is a free- floating aquatic plant from the duckweed family, that consists of small, individual thalli (Tkalec, 2001). Lemna are small, fast growing plants and they develop dense mats on ponds, especially when enough light and nutrients are available (Gérard, 2014). Salt is the most toxic substance, as it causes an inhibition of plant growth and a decrease in nutrient uptake (Chang, 2012). Salt stress induces the production of abscisic acid (ABA), a plant stress hormone,…

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  • Deforestation In Rainforests

    Threatens the survival of fish and other aquatic life forms. When the nutrients present in the aquatic ecosystems increase, there will cause the phytoplankton and the other photosynthetic plants grow quickly, known as algal blooms. As the result, the algal blooms will limit the oxygen required amount for the respiration by the other aquatic animal and plant species. Oxygen depletion happens when the plant life decrease, die and decompose. When the oxygen dissolved reach the maximum levels, the…

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  • Lake Erie Research Paper

    A common refrain in 1960 was "Lake Erie is Dead." In the 1960s Lake Erie was terribly polluted. We cleaned it up, but it’s polluted once again. Lake Erie contained increased levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, which contributed to eutrophication, (a process that encourages the development of algal blooms). Since the 1960s Lake Erie has had many problems with algae. Waste water from the sewers also made their way into the lake, as this was happening factories were dumping pollutants into the…

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  • Biological Case Study: Salvador Luria

    1 The biotic factors of the experiment are the fish, plants, killifish, and heavy vegetation. The abiotic factors are the cages and the stream movement. Fish in the vegetation-heavy enclosures died. When oxygen is consumed by vegetation, fish become stressed out. This stress causes them to die as they do not eat in environments with dense vegetation. In the researcher’s experiment, some enclosures lacked vegetation. The enclosures that were not vegetation-heavy did not stress the fish out. The…

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  • The Dead Zone In The Gulf Of Mexico

    Imagine, you're walking down the street, and you suddenly lose your breath, you find it impossible to breathe, now you're slowly suffocating and your oxygen has been completely depleted. If this were to happen it would be a terrible scenario and it's a reality for some fish and other marine life in the Gulf of Mexico. The area in the Gulf of Mexico that is noted for oxygen depletion is called the “dead zone”. A dead zone, also known as a hypoxia zone, is an area with little to no dissolved…

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  • Eutrophication Case Study

    A dead zone is an area that has barely any oxygen due to hypoxia caused by the process of eutrophication (Bruckner, 2017). Eutrophication is the over-enrichment of nutrients in water which causes an overgrowth of algae and hypoxia (US Department of Commerce, 2004). These dead zones are common all over the world and even found in Lake Erie which deals with re-eutrophication. The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico deals with the same issues as Lake Erie and is one of the largest dead…

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  • Aerobic Enzyme Lab

    Introduction Phosphorus is one of the key elements necessary for the growth of plants and animals (1). That is why having the right levels of phosphorous in the water is so essential. If too much phosphate is present in the water the algae and weeds will grow rapidly, may choke the waterway, and use up large amounts of precious oxygen (in the absence of photosynthesis and as the algae and plants die and are consumed by aerobic bacteria.) The result may be the death of many fish and aquatic…

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  • Non Point Source Of Water Pollution Essay

    Water pollution is arguably the worst, or one of the worst forms of pollution affecting the world today. Take a look into a glass of tap water, looks clean right? From the naked eye, tap water looks clear, yet there are millions of microscopic contaminants in that single glass of water. Depending on where one lives, receives their water, and the environment around them, determines the purity of the water. Water pollution can be devastating to the environment, affects economics, and alters people…

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