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  • Laurel Bay Descriptive

    lift the spirits. Its strengthening and supportive actions help to overcome shyness as it inspires confidence and imagination. Bay is a purifying oil that treats cellulite, settles the stomach and clears dandruff. Bay's warming action boosts the circulation and in a massage it's beneficial for treating muscular aches and rheumatism, especially when combined with rose and juniper oil. Bay contains a rich mixture of active ingredients, including alcohols, esters and terpenes. Phenols: Phenols give bay oil its warming properties. They are stimulants to the nervous system, activate healing and are highly antiseptic. Oils such as bay may irritate your skin if used in high concentrations. The principal phenol in bay is eugenol. Also found in clove and cinnamon, eugenol gives bay a spicy, clove-like fragrance. Cineole oxide: Also known as eucalyptol, this gives bay its camphor-like undertones…

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  • Steam Distillation Lab Report

    thin-layer chromatography plate (Setzer, W., 2008). The remaining four-fifths were put back into the separatory funnel to be extracted three times with 5% NaOH in order to deprotonate the solution, which converts it into a salt. Since eugenol is slightly acidic, it can be deprotonated with NaOH. The other components are not acidic and will remain soluble in dichloromethane since they will not deprotonate. The aqueous layers were washed once more with dichloromethane to make the solution consist…

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  • Pulp Capping Essay

    whether the dentist utilizes calcium hydroxide or mineral trioxide aggregate, glass ionomer (GI) or resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI) must be used over the pulp capping agent as a liner. Calcium hydroxide needs a liner in order for the liner to compensate for the loss of antibacterial seal. In the case of the MTA, the liner is needed to protect the MTA during restoration due to its delayed setting time. c. Zinc Oxide Eugenol: Zinc oxide eugenol is used widely in dentistry as base, liner,…

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  • Cinnamomum Tamala Case Study

    sub-tropical Himalayas up to an altitude of 900-2500 m. It is a moderate sized tree ranging from 2-15m in height. Various chemotypes namely cinnamaldehye, eugenol, cinnamaldehyde-linalool, linalool rich and cinnamaldehyde-cinnamyl acetate rich types have been reported from different regions of India. (ref) Among these, cinnamaldehye and eugenol are more widely occurring chemotypes. Chauhan et al.(2009) Distribution: Tropical and subtropical Himalayas 3000-7800 ft., Sylhet and Khasia Hills,…

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  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil Aromatherapy

    Essential Oils – Product Description Cinnamon Leaf Oil Musky sweet, and lighter than its Cinnamon bark counterpart, its leaf Oil is produced by steam distillation. The aromatic organic compound- Phenol in Cinnamon leaves gives the Oil its rejuvenating and health boosting qualities. Cinnamon leaf Oil contains 80% phenols, mainly Eugenol, which has anaesthetic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. As such, the Cinnamon leaf Oil is a vital ingredient in aromatherapy, and is a…

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  • Samuel Christian Hahnemann: Alternative Medicine

    pray. Oils have been used from fragrance to medicine for many centuries. The most common use of oils to this day are mostly used for aromatherapy. The definition of aromatherapy is the use of plant sources and essential plant oils to alter ones mood or well-being (The Free Dictionary). Although there wasn’t evidence-based proof on healing with oils most people would agree a scent can change your mood. Most common use of aromatherapy is relaxation and a sense of feeling good. Clove oil is an…

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  • Analysis Of Wheat Flour And Lemon Balm

    chemopreventive agents because they induce phase II enzymes, such as glutathione stransferase, which is involved in the detoxification of xenobiotics. In addition, it has been reported that most phenolics exhibit an important pro-oxidant effect, especially when tissue injury causes the release of free iron or copper Yang, et al., (2001). Intriguingly, the fortified bread with different levels of Lemon balm powder resulted in a lower serum AST, ALT, Uric acid, creatinine and urea nitrogen…

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  • Clove Oil Essay

    Eugenia caryophyllata is used in cooking, food processing, pharmacy; perfumery and cosmetics. In traditional medicine, the clove oil (eugenol) has been used in the dental care and in relieves respiratory disorder symptoms. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of single dose clove oil on mortality rate, angiogenesis and vasculogenesis of chick embryos during early stages of development. The actions of clove oil as a teratogenic agent are not completely known. The developing…

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  • Moolicious Mocha Marketing Mix

    Product Description:- “Moolicious Mocha” is a physical and mental energy providing dairy based high protein beverage. It is an excellent source of whey protein, providing 28 grams of protein (56 % of DV) in a 12-ounce single-serve re-sealable plastic bottle. Each serving provides 410 calories and energizes the body and the mind with phytonutrients like Dandelion, Holy Basil and Aloevera. “Moolicious Mocha” has a blend of different flavors to provide a refreshing treat. Spices - Saffron, Ginger,…

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  • Simple Distillation Lab Report

    This is because the sum of the individual vapor pressures of the liquids form the vapor pressure of the mixture. This forms that basis of steam distillation. Having a higher vapor pressure, the mixture will have a lower boiling point than that of individual components of the mixture. In separating insoluble liquid natural products, water forms one of the components. This reduces the boiling point of the mixture thereby protecting the product from decomposition by high temperature. Obtaining…

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