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  • GEOINT Collection Strategy Evaluation Method

    A GEOINT collection strategy evaluation method must be flexible enough to evaluate small and large scale collection operations and emphasize the accountability of every organization associated with establishing the collection requirements. Additionally, the evaluation method should be as simple as possible to ensure seamless implementation and not add extra burden to those that will have to implement it. As a collection manager evaluates the collection strategy they must be able to reference the indicators analysts have identified to determine if the GEOINT they are tasking is answering the requirements they are attempting to satisfy. These indicators can be pulled from the operational assessment model and use Measures of Performance (MOPs)…

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  • Applying Critical Reasoning Techniques To Operation Barbarossa

    The purpose of this paper is to apply critical reasoning techniques to Operation Barbarossa, which was a German offensive in 1941 agsinst the Soviet Union during the early onset of World War II (WWII). I will identify the events leading up to the operation, and provide an overview of the execution of operation. I will also identify alternative intelligence assets which could have been employed by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union to develop alternative courses of action / outcome of this…

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  • How Did Hitler Lose Ww2

    At 3am on that day 3.2 million Germans entered Russia on a massive 1800 mile front.(Attack on Russia) The Fuhrer announced, “At this moment a march is taking place that, for its extent, compares with the greatest the world has ever seen. I have decided again today to place the fate and future of the Reich and our people in the hands of our soldiers. May God aid us, especially in this fight.” The attack was made up of 3 main groups. Army group North, Army group Center, and Army Group South. Army…

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  • Cyber Domain Case Study

    perhaps the most complex domain to define in modern warfare. Academic literature has secured cyber as both a domain and part of the global common. National laws, policies, and understanding of the cyber domain are just being to mature; thus, the strategy to guide and form the required organizations to support cyber is just being to develop. This paper will consider whether the current national cyber construct is sufficient to address the cyber domains unique geography. Next the paper will…

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  • How Did Hitler's Failure To Invade Russia

    In spite of their “VOCAB-Objections”, Hitler believed that an invasion could be completed in as little as 4 months. The invasion was codenamed Operation Barbarossa, after the ancient German emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. The sheer size of the military buildup for Barbarossa was astounding. The German High Command (from here-on referred to as Oberkommando des Heeres, or OKH), fielded some 3,000,000 men, along with thousands of tanks, pieces of artillery, aircraft, etc. The logistical division…

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  • Operation Barbarossa Essay

    confines of the East European Theatre of the Second Great War. Moreover, what one comprehends when uttering Stalingrad is not merely a fabled epic of an all-encompassing crusade, but rather the indomitable will of two historic despots, unwavering against the supervening chaos. In verity, that is in actuality an inadequate parable that simply breeds further delusion of the genuine basis behind the assault on Stalingrad. In contemporary times, it is heralded as fact when one avows that Hitler’s…

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  • Lack Of Innovation In Germany

    hijackings, and continuing over the next 40 years with over 30 lethal attacks against US interests; Islamic extremism has proven itself a persistent, and formidable threat to our national security. If we address Islamic extremism from a political, rather than religious perspective, we begin to see parallels between this decade and the interwar period. Just as Hitler sought to expand the German State through the ideology of lebensraum; the Islamic State, and it previous iterations, seek…

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  • Essay On The Effects Of Fascism

    warfare, and the Soviet Union enjoying the Molotov Ribbentrop pact, or as its commonly known its treaty of non-aggression with Germany, all hope is lost in Europe. However, the situation quickly changed in the following years. By 1940 Great Britain still hasn’t crumbled under the German pressure and remained as strong as ever. Hitler quickly theorized the only reason why Britain hasn’t fall was that Britain was anticipating the arrival of the Soviet Union’s participation in the war against…

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  • An Analysis Of Inside The Aquarium, By Viktor Suvorov

    Soviet government. Purges in the Soviet army occurred quite frequently eliminating generals who maybe a threat to the U.S.S.R., but in turn removing some very experienced leaders (ibid, 103 & 240). The need for leadership in the army resulted in quick or early promotions to position which the man was not ready for. These inexperienced leaders caused the army to have some difficulties functioning properly Another way of analyzing the credibility of the novel, is by seeing how Suvorov depicts the…

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  • Operations Management In Kenya Case Study

    Summary of the study The purpose of the study was to establish the influence of operations strategy to Customer retention of star classified insurance firms within Kenya. Equally, it evaluated the various strategies used by the insurance firms in order to be competitive. It also analyzed the various aspects that the insurance firm considered important in the view of improving their operations and achieves better customer retention. The objectives of the study were to determine the operation…

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