Why Did Hitler Lose World War 2 Essay

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Most people do not realize how close Hitler actually was to winning World War II. They assume that it was a quick and easy win for the Allied forces. What really in fact won the war for the Allies was the drastic mistakes Hitler himself made by always seeming to place his ideology before all strategic decisions. Hitler 's self centered personality led his decisions in Britain, Russia, and even in Germany to prove fatal to Germany 's war effort.
A vast majority of countries participated in the battles of World War II but only some did so in a large way. In the European campaign the main countries were Britain, France, the U.S., and the USSR who composed the Allies. Contrary to the Allies were the Axis powers of Germany and Italy. After World
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This means they had an extra three million men that the Germans were not counting for. False intelligence was a huge blow to Hitler 's road to victory. Now the German advance had slowed. The large countryside of Russia was slowing down the fast moving Blitzkrieg. Stretched out supply lines were making it tough for enough oil to reach the fast moving tanks. Most of the German army 's infantry still relied on horseback to travel. A shortage of transportation forced most to walk, thus fatiguing throughout the vast Russian geography. Finally the Luftwaffe 's planes were out of reach of the front line. The Luftwaffe played a key role in the Blitzkrieg. Without air support the Germans were vulnerable from the sky. By mid August Army group center was within 200 miles of Moscow. The problem was that the original plan for Operation Barbarossa was for the North and South Army Groups to attack the Russian capital, not Army Group Center. Hitler 's senior advisors pleaded for him to scrap the original plan and take Moscow now. Hitler insisted that the North and South campaigns be finished first before the final assault. This was the most fatal mistake of the whole war. After months of remaining idle outside of Moscow. Army Group Center finally began their push towards the capital on October 2nd 1941, but there was a chill in the air. By mid October the only thing that stood between the German 's and Moscow was 40 miles and 90,000 Russian soldiers.(Attack on Russia). Then, the weather took a turn for the worst. Heavy rains all throughout October made an attack impossible. Then as the cold winds of November came the rain turned to snow. Sub zero temperatures jammed machine guns, and tank engines. Even most of the German soldiers still had summertime clothes on. Leading most to get frostbite, and other sicknesses. Even through all these setbacks, Hitler still thought Moscow could be taken. Hitler ordered an attack with

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