Pulp Capping Essay

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A fixed prosthesis for one tooth or even full mouth rehabilitation is been commonly certified for their reliability and durability. Despite of the conservative procedures of crown preparations, obstacles may occur in each step leading to pulpal exposure. In the past, endodontic treatment or even extraction of the tooth was the only solution to pulpal complications. A recent update shows that pulp capping that resists the death of the exposed or nearly exposed pulp can be explication to pulpal complications. Pulp capping can be direct or indirect; it acts as a substitute of root canal treatment and preserves the tooth from death.

I. Direct pulp capping: It is the technique used when there is perforation in the pulp during the preparation as a result of a trauma or mechanical problem. The direct exposure must have a pin-point size. Calcium hydroxide is the prevalent used as pulp capping in addition to the new surrogate mineral trioxide. Direct pulp capping aids in healing of the pulp and in the formation of reparative dentin.
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2) Radiographic x-ray is taken to ensure the absence of any pathological sign or pulpal inflammation.
3) Calcium hydroxide is surged over the hazard and enclosed with the mix of base materials.
4) Temporary provisional is placed over the abutment.
5) The patient must be acquainted about manifestations of dentin-pulp degeneration.
6) Check up and examination of the patient after 6 to 8 weeks.
7) After which the vitality of the pulp is checked.
8) Periodic checkup visits for the patient for a period of 4 to 12 months to guarantee the vitality of the pulp.
9) Placement of a permanent well sealed restoration over the

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