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  • Beauty In Norman Rockwell's The Outsider

    model and put herself down. The young girl in The Outsider wants to look beautiful like the woman in the magazine. It is normal for young girls around the same age as the one shown in the artwork to look up to older women as their role model. This is especially true with famous women. With the child’s doll is laying knocked over on the floor near the back behind the mirror, it suggests that she has lost interest in playing with the doll. Since the makeup is right next to her feet instead of her…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Poem Marks By Linda Pastan

    “Marks” is a poem by Linda Pastan in the mid 1970s about a young wife and mother. It describes her treatment by her husband and children, ending with a dramatic statement that leaves the reader with multiple options for the outcome. The poem begins on a slightly happy note, a good grade she has received. Once we get into the second and third grades, we can easily see the decline of the happiness in the poem. As the poem progresses, the reader begins to realize that the persona of the poem is…

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  • The Fashion Industry: Free To Be An Individual By Hannah Berry

    Hannah Berry, both discuss how women can choose to step out of the typical stereotype on how women should be portrayed and be who they truly want to be. For centuries, there has been an unspoken code on how women should act, dress, and behave. However, through the years women have started to step out of those roles to embrace who they are truly are. Considering that women are becoming more powerful and successful than ever before, one would have to agree that women no longer stand in the shadows…

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  • Feminist Criticism In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

    woman”- Hamlet The above quote from hamlet clearly states the position of women in a patriarchal society. Woman are considered physically and morally weak. They are considered as beings of less intelligence and have lesser understanding of the world. According to (Z., 2011) , studies related to heroines of any play are somewhat underrated, even though the plot is strengthened due to female characters. This means that women are somewhat under-represented in plays. They are considered as secondary…

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  • Self Defense Thesis

    especially for females. Bolsters self-esteem and confidence among young women Prepares women for future situations that could be detrimental to their health (ie. abusive relationships, robbery/theft, sexual assault, common attack, etc.) Enhances physical fitness Can be used as recovery therapy for sexual assault/rape victims, and victims of abuse (re-victimization) Thesis: How can an effective self-defense class equip young women with the confidence and skills necessary for meeting life’s…

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  • The Archetype Of The Gibson Girls

    However, this movement is not only working to show the validity of black lives in this country, but Black Lives Matter is using their power to empower men and women and show them that the color of their skin does not affect who they are and their beauty. The hashtag known as “Blackout day” is a popular way for these men and women to show the world that beauty is defined by one archetype. The term “Blackout day” originated in March of 2016, when the hashtag had begun to spread across giant social…

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  • The House On Mango Street

    In the book, The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros discusses the obstacles and events that Esperanza faces in society that results in having her rights taken away. This society is heavily dominated by men who value women for their physical appearances rather than their abilities and other attributes. In her book, Sandra wants us to see the problems that Esperanza must face every day in order to be treated equally. As Esperanza grows during the book, she experiences a series of…

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  • Janiifa Character Analysis

    Janifa was a girl at the threshold of womanhood. Marita taught Janifa to be a woman, and dreamt with Janifa about her life as a grown woman. A good wife and good woman is a teacher for her children and those around her. She is well brought up, and cares for her family She is “one who can cook without putting poison in food” (Hove 4). A good wife is a woman who honors her parents and her in-laws (4). Marita was confident that Janifa would become this kind of woman. Marita’s actions and…

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  • Yellow Wallpaper Diction

    the summer, and the husband, John, is a physician who takes cares of his wife and her nervous condition by prescribing her a rest cure. However she is obsessed with the yellow wallpaper and she tears off the wallpaper because she believes there are women in it trying to escape. Throughout the story the dynamic between the narrator and John shows the way in which John oppresses her and belies her. Gilman explores the dangers of belying a woman’s ideas and emotions. One way the narrator shows the…

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  • The Role Of Birds In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

    all right!” (3). Birds are usually utilized to symbolize freedom, but here, Chopin writes of a caged bird. Most birds, such as the parrot, have wings and are meant to fly, not locked in a restricting cage. Similarly, in the late nineteenth century, women were prevented from exercising their full potential. For one, Edna Pontellier, the female protagonist in The Awakening, is treated much like a bird, considered exotic and fragile, and caged in by her attire, her husband, and societal…

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