Beauty In Norman Rockwell's The Outsider

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Society in today’s age states that all girls should have a certain image of themselves and that they all should look a certain way to fit in. Many of these images that girls are supposed to have are represented by famous models internationally. They are supposed to have golden sun-kissed skin, long perfect hair, slim toned bodies, and well defined jaw lines. Media play a large role in many self-esteem problems that many teenagers face around the world. Norman Rockwell, an artist from the early 1900s, focused on social issues the country was facing. In Norman Rockwell’s artwork The Outsider, he expresses that the young girl lacks confidence in herself, but looks up to the model in the magazine for her beauty because of her transitioning from …show more content…
The title of the painting, The Outsider, explains how the young girl in the painting does not fit in; the young girl truly is an outsider to all the other girls her age. With the girl sitting on the wood foot stool near the large mirror with her hands placed under her chin it shows how she has been sitting thinking about what it would be like to be grown up and beautiful. The young girl wants to grow up because she thinks it will make her more beautiful and will fulfill her dreams of looking like the model. With the young girl thinking she is not pretty enough, it is easy for her to compare herself to the model and put herself down. The young girl in The Outsider wants to look beautiful like the woman in the magazine. It is normal for young girls around the same age as the one shown in the artwork to look up to older women as their role model. This is especially true with famous women. With the child’s doll is laying knocked over on the floor near the back behind the mirror, it suggests that she has lost interest in playing with the doll. Since the makeup is right next to her feet instead of her doll, it shows that she does not want to play with her doll anymore because she has found a more “adult” thing to do. This

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