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  • Reflective Essay On Rational Choice Theory

    In the past five weeks we have learned about many different theories. These theories were either sociological, biological, or psychological. Personally, I do not believe that any one theory can most effectively explain crime as each theory can explain to an extent what was an individual's intent. However, if I had to pinpoint one theory in particular that I thought contributed the most to crime I would pick the rational choice theory. The rational choice theory believes that all individuals…

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  • Personal Narrative: Cape Fear Community College

    Raced thoughts, feeling of euphoria, unlimited energy, and lack of sleep. These are feelings that I experienced and am well familiar with. I was confused and scared in a mind that felt like an endless tunnel. My thoughts never stopped racing and I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt peace and quiet only after finding myself a patient in a psychiatric hospital. I graduated from Hoggard High School, class of 2012 in early June. That following August I was enrolled as a freshman at Cape…

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  • Mood Disorders Case Study

    Diagnosing Mood Disorders Western Wyoming Community College Tani Larsen Approximately 20.9 million American adults suffer from a mood disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder each year (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, DBSA). This is an alarming statistic. With there being that many people suffering, it should be more well-known and discussed. Depression is one disorder that is talked about a lot. However, the severity and frequency is often overlooked. Bipolar…

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  • Why Do Vaccines Cause Depression

    Vaccines Cause Depression There is a popular misconception within the world of the internet regarding potential effects vaccination could have on mental health. These include, but are not limited to, claims such as it causes autism, weaker immune systems, and risky exposure to diseases. It is, however, important to realize that they all derived from misunderstanding of current data or based on outdated research. There exist many components to vaccines that have been blown-up out of proportion…

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  • Reasons In The Pardoner's Tale: The Fear Of Death

    About 68% of the US population has Necrophobia, a fear of death.(Seth) This phobia is most common in younger people in their late teens, and people over the age of forty. (Sarah Johnstone.) There are multiple reasons as to why one would find themselves fearing death. There are people who may fear the idea of losing somebody who they are emotionally attached to and having to cope with that loss. Life without that somebody may seem unimaginable and impossible. Some fear death for religious reasons…

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  • Depression In Emil Kraepelin's Description Of Depression

    Review of Literature The Beginnings In fifth century that Hippocrates and his associates gave the description of depression as “Fear or sadness that last a long time mean melancholia” (Hippocrates, 1923–1931, Vol. IV, p. 185) in Greek. They defined it in a way similar to what we understand it as presently having deep sadness, worthlessness, helplessness and hopelessness as the core symptoms and related symptoms like decreased interest in usual activities, social detachment, decreased sleep and…

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  • An Analysis Of Happier And All Summer In A Day

    Nearly everyone around the world makes mistakes. Some are minor mistakes, while many cause a ripple effect. At times, making mistakes that involve the close people around us can create a feeling of loss or defeat. This universal theme is brought to text in “All Summer in a Day”, by Ray Bradbury, and “Happier”, by Ed Sheeran. In “All Summer in a Day”, Margot’s classmates put Margot down by bullying her and robbing her of her chance to see the sun, although they soon become aware of how unpleasant…

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  • Narrative Essay About Depression

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines depression as “feelings of severe despondency and dejection”. Depression is just feeling sad, right? No, depression is much more than being sad or upset. Depression is misunderstood. Depression is a constant feeling of despair and hopelessness. I am angry that I am the way I am and I want to get better … but will I? I don’t know. It has been almost five years and I have given up hope. Depression is a black hole that I cannot seem to crawl out of. I claw my…

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  • Mental Illness In Silver Lining Playbook

    The media has created a false stigma for those living with metal disorders, by regularly portraying characters with mental illness as problematic, uncontrollable and violent. Larger than life negative characters have been repeatedly displayed on the big screen with these stereotypical cliché behaviors, and used as the focal point, or “hero” of the movie. Silver Lining Playbook is not just another one of Hollywood’s inaccurate depictions of mental illness. However, discrepancies are inevitable…

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  • Later Adulthood Case Study

    Later adulthood is considered to begin at age 65 and continue through 85 and on (Hutchison, 2015, pp. 365)). The United States is experiencing an increase in the aging population, with 13% of the population being 65 and older and expecting to increase to 33% by 2031 (Lam, Cervantes, & Lee, 2014). The older adult populations encounter many challenges; one major issue among this population is depression. Clinical systems of major depression are found in 15% to 30% of community-dwelling older…

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