My Experience In The Cape Fear Community College

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Raced thoughts, feeling of euphoria, unlimited energy, and lack of sleep. These are feelings that I experienced and am well familiar with. I was confused and scared in a mind that felt like an endless tunnel. My thoughts never stopped racing and I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt peace and quiet only after finding myself a patient in a psychiatric hospital.
I graduated from Hoggard High School, class of 2012 in early June. That following August I was enrolled as a freshman at Cape Fear Community College. I was excited and eager to begin college because I was ready to start my future. In my mind I planned to attend Cape Fear and transfer to another university after I had enough credits. I was only 18 so I had not thought that far
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My teachers were assigning more work than ever now that the semester was coming to an end. At some point around this time I had stopped sleeping as well as eating. I never seemed to get tired or have an appetite for anything. For my english class that I was taking I would write up to five pages a night and read the chapters assigned in minutes. I had all these idea to change the world and end poverty. I wanted to be artist and the next hour I was convinced I would be the greatest basketball player ever. I felt like my possibilities were endless and nothing could stop me. I wasn’t just happy, I was elated. The ones around me just thought it was the caffeine. I wasn 't able to focus and would get constant headaches so I would skip class to go to the mall. I bought so much unnecessary things in my shopping spree but I was convinced I needed it all. I would use my father 's credit cards and splurge on thousands of dollars worth of clothes. I remember going home that afternoon and my parents seeing all the shopping bags I brought home with me. They were furious and started to yell at me. They said I was reckless and irresponsible. In my mind I felt that they were against me and out to get …show more content…
I felt groggy and felt as if I had been hit in the head with a rock. I started to remember what had happened and what I was doing in the unfamiliar room. It was a simple room with white floors and white walls. I then noticed I had wires connected all over my body. I couldn 't remember what had happened and why I was in this room. There was a knock on the door and a doctor with two ladies walked in. The doctor introduced himself along with the two women that walked in with him. He explained to me that I was at Behavioral Health under suicide watch because I had attempted to kill myself. Memories of the past night flooded into my mind. I looked down at my wrists and remembered all the blood that had came out. The doctor continued with saying that I am here because I am threat to myself and that my family was concerned about me. One of the ladies was my nurse and the other would be my psychiatric. She would determine when I no longer was a threat to myself and when I could be discharged. The doctor and the nurse left so that the psychiatrist could evaluate and talk to

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