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  • Symbolism In The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

    Introduction to Author Oscar Wilde was a Anglo- English author, playwright, novelist, critic and poet. He was a popular literary figure in late Victorian England, known for his brilliant wit, flamboyant style. After graduating from Oxford University, he lectured as a poet, art critic and a leading proponent of the principles of aestheticism which emphasized aesthetic values more than moral or social themes. This doctrine can be clearly summarized by the phrase ‘art for art’s sake’. In 1890, he…

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  • Harmless Luxury Poem Analysis

    Luxury. The kiss you give to your love. Sleeping late at night. Water fights. Childhood. The cake your mom has baked. Not only money and diamonds but “anything that feels special” is a luxury as Aerin Lauder, creative director for the Estée Lauder Companies specified. Unfortunately, many people misunderstood the actual meaning of luxury by thinking only wealthy people can own it. In contrary, wealthiness is only a small part of luxury when there is an immense variety of types of luxury such as…

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  • Fort Red Border Poem Analysis

    KiKi Petrosino’s Fort Red Border speaks volumes as both a creative outlook on the imagined relationship between the speaker, an Italian African-American and her beloved Robert Redford, an iconic American actor. With her unique perspective on the world in which she lives, Kiki takes her readers on a fantasy between the natural and unnatural, and the real and unreal; questioning the validity of everyday life. Fort Red Border also explores the ideologies behind class, ethnicity, and inheritance,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Term Limits In Congress

    Although there is not currently a term limit placed on all members of Congress, the democratic process would greatly benefit from the enactment of an established limit. Serving as a member of Congress should not be idealized as a career choice, rather one should serve with the desire to create a change in policy and dismiss himself when that change is seen through. The pros to instituting a term limit on Congressional members far outweigh the cons because the primary goal of both the House of…

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  • Teenage Love And The Influence Of Twist In Teenage Movies

    Teenage years are one of the most memorable times in an individual’s life. Screenwriters (or whoever else) creates stories that attract adolescents... Teenage love has been a classic story for movies from generation to generation. In this era, Twilight puts a sci-fi twist in the traditional teenage love story which makes it one of the first of its kind to shift the popular teenage movie culture. Twilight has inspired many movies and shows including, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Teen Wolf”, “Warm…

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  • An Analysis Of Robert Frost's The Gift Outright

    The American poet Robert Frost had once been invited to President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, and was to speak in front of thousands of citizens and politicians with a poem he had written for the occasion. The poet had stood before the crowd, wearing a slightly impatient expression as he brought out his papers to read (Bloom 1). The sunlight that day had been harsh, and that did nothing to aid the old man in his attempt to read the blinding white paper. Swifts gusts of wind did not help the…

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  • Masculinity In Film Essay

    understood by society regarding masculinity and the idyllic male qualities. These principles rewarded male characters for dominance over others, aggression, financial independence and physical desirability. In the film School Ties (1992), directed by Robert Mandel, Charlie Dillon (Matt Damon) is represented as a character who fits these stereotypical beliefs of dominant masculinity. Initially Mandel positions the audience to view Charlie Dillon as an insecure and arrogant young man. As the film…

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  • Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, focuses on the lives of the protagonists’ Lennie Small and George Milton who are migrant workers during the Great Depression. Through Lennie’s character and the way he handles situations, the reader learns that Lennie has a mild mental disability and that George wants to help contain Lennie’s wild five year-old thoughts. George comes up with a dream of buying their own place, farming it, and letting Lennie tend rabbits.…

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  • William Wordsworth's We Are Seven

    William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850) was an eminent English Romantic Poet, hose Lyrical Ballad, as a result of joint efforts, co-authoring with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Contributed to launch the Romantic Age in English Literature. He is known as the poet of Nature, reflecting his inner feelings while appreciating the wonderings and beauty of it. (Norton, 543-45) The poem ‘We Are Seven’, as Wordsworth says, has been “written an Alfoxden in the spring of 1798. The little girl who is the heroine I met…

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  • Of Mice And Men Morally Wrong

    Is it morally right to kill someone? Could you do it? In the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, there are two best friends: Lennie and George. The two men search for work in the depression of California. Lennie was a strong man, however, he had a mental disability that made it hard for him to think for himself and control his actions. George, on the other hand, was a mentally sharp person and had to act as a guardian figure for Lennie throughout the places that they’ve previously worked.…

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