Everly Brothers Concert Report

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Every once in awhile, you get the opportunity to attend something special, emotional and lasting. Last week I attended the 19th Annual Music Master Awards/ Conference/Tribute Concert for The Everly Brothers. I will cherish and remember the conference but especially the concert forever. When I think about it today I have two distinct emotions, joy and a tear.

At the conference we saw some very rare footage of The Everly Brothers, film clips from Germany and England not seen by my many until the conference. The Brothers are seen in their pure unblemished state, voices like angels. What a true treat we experienced at the conference.We got to spend an hour with Graham Nash. There were about 100 or so of us sitting in a room just listening and talking him. His love for the Everly Brothers is
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Vince Gill teamed up with Alison Krauss on a soaring version of “When Will I Be Loved!” Vince could sing harmony with a drill and it would sound like a symphony.

There were two acts were not what you would call household names. The Secret Sister from Muscle Shoals, Alabama emotions got he best of them when theycame out on stage. They shed tears of joy!! The comparison to the Everly Brothers is well-earned. Their harmony is seemless and effortless. After “Lonely Island” the audience gave them a well deserved standing ovation. “Omaha” and “Kentucky” were the purview of Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Dawn McCarthy. Next to Graham, Bonnie was my pick for giving the most emotional performance. He felt and projected his feeling for every word.

R & B artist Ledisi poured her heart and soul into “Sleepless Nights.” She was so happy with her performance and the reaction from the crowd, she danced, jumped and twirled off the stage. Keb ' Mo ' and Roodney Crowell hammered “Wake Up Little

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