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  • First Friday Research Paper

    events such as First Friday, while people dine. The band consisted of four male instrumentalists, a couple who also vocalized and a female singer appeared for a few of the songs. All of the participants on stage were assumingly in their 50s. The instruments played throughout the set included a drum set, a keyboard, an electric guitar and bass. They were scheduled to play from 8 to 10:30, I unfortunately wasn’t there the entire session, since I found them when they had already started. I looked them up later out of curiosity and for the purpose of this essay. The band is called Naugahyde Park, I found out that they’re “Tally-Famous” and rightfully so. The band played songs like “Kid Charlemagne” by Steely Dan and “You’re no good” by Linda Ronstadt. As previously mentioned, these tunes are classified as 70’s rock jams. Similar to the lesson on Rock music we had in class, the musical texture was thick and layered. The rhythm was emphasized; often had a nice beat with catchy patterns to get people in the dancing mood. The melody was clear and memorable. The audience reacted to the music at appropriate times, singing along if they knew the lyrics and applauding when each song was finished. During a particular song, “You make me feel like dancing”, about 4 couples got up to the front of the audience and danced their hearts out. I believe the general environment of the location in which this concert took place contributed to the vibe of the music. It took at Railroad Square…

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  • Everly Brothers Concert Report

    Every once in awhile, you get the opportunity to attend something special, emotional and lasting. Last week I attended the 19th Annual Music Master Awards/ Conference/Tribute Concert for The Everly Brothers. I will cherish and remember the conference but especially the concert forever. When I think about it today I have two distinct emotions, joy and a tear. At the conference we saw some very rare footage of The Everly Brothers, film clips from Germany and England not seen by my many until…

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  • Examples Of Propaganda In Disney Movies

    Propaganda. When we hear the word propaganda, we think of the Holocaust, of Nazi Germany, of Hitler. We think of a dark, dangerous time, a time when everyone was suspected to be the enemy, a time when no one could be trusted. What we don't think about, is the constant propaganda that we are exposed to today. We expect it to be plainly stated. To be so obvious, that when we see it, a bright lightbulb lights up with a glaring neon red sign saying “WARNING: PROPAGANDA. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.” Yet,…

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  • Buettner How To Be 100 +

    longevity is dictated by their genes, whereas the other 90% is dictated by our lifestyle (Buettner par. 1). There is so much conflicting advice and data on what people can do to make themselves live longer that most Americans really have no idea what it is that they should be doing. Buettner teamed up with National Geographic and the National Institute on Aging to find geographic areas where people are living longer and figure out exactly what it is that these people are doing that increases…

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  • Disadvantages Of Okinawan Food

    A place where disproportionate number of people live a healthy life for a very long time, such as Sardinia, Okinawa, Loma Linda, Ikaria, and Costa Rica. Sardinia, Italy is among of one of the blue zones spots, which produces a local wine with highest levels of polyphenols and antioxidants. The diet higher in selenium, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus content of goat’s milk, which are essential for the ideal immune system activity promote healthy aging. Another advantage is the strength in their…

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  • Thousand And One Nights: The Story Of Aladdin

    Aladdin In the 1992 production of Aladdin, a street boy runs into a magic lamp, and transforms into a prince so he can win the heart of the princess of Agrabah. Walt Disney studios collaborated with Ron Clements and John Musker who were both the directors and producers, to create the hour and thirty-minute production (“Aladdin”). Some of the featured players are Scott Weinger as Aladdin, Robin Williams as the Genie, and Linda Larkin as Princess Jasmine. The story of Aladdin is derived from the…

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  • Analysis Of The Song 'Hotel California'

    Rolling Stone Magazine says, “No other band did as much to translate the explosively creative, politicized rock of the 1960s into the massively popular, de-politicized rock of the 1970s as the Eagles.” Initially, the four original Eagles—Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Meisner, and Bernie Leadon were recruited as the backup band of Linda Ronstadt. After finishing the work with Linda Ronstadt, Don Henley and Glenn Frey, decided to found “Eagles” and recruited Bernie Meisner, and Bernie Leadon.…

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  • Parkinson Deep Brain Surgery

    After dealing with this condition for several years now, I guess I forget that not everyone knows what it is. It's not cancer. Parkinson’s is a degenerative neurological disorder that destroys the the dopamine producing neurons in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that important in controlling and coordinating movement and without it movement becomes slow and less fluid. It’s most prevalent among people over age 60. It breaks down like this: 1 million people are currently diagnosed in…

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  • Dobie Gray's Heart Of Gold

    In 1971, while appearing on the Johnny Cash television show, Neil Young decided to record an album. Elliot Mazer suggested that Young, the founding member of Buffalo Springfield and member of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, record it with him at Quad Studios. Mazer quickly assembled a studio band that consisted of Kenny Buttrey, Tim Drummond, Ben Keith, and Jack Nitzche along with “back-up vocalists,” Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor, to record Young’s quintessential and ground-breaking album,…

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  • The Parent Trap: Movie Analysis

    2. Draws out the memories that they originally had with the content, while also allowing them to create new reactions. b. American Graffiti (1973) is an example of how people have examined the use of nostalgia in other films. i. Considered the point where the use of cultural nostalgia in films became mainstream. (used 50s nostalgia) ii. The nostalgic aspects of the film are presented in a way that forces the audience to reminisce about their memories of that time period. 3. Comparing the 1998…

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