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  • The Parthenon Research Paper

    The Parthenon is the most significant and surviving construction of all of Classical Greece, and still dominates the city of Athens today while continuing to remain as their international symbol. Despite its massive size the structure was built in only a 15 year time period ; 447-432 BC, costing 469 silver talents. The structure was originally designed to repair the previous temple that was destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC. The Parthenon sits on the Acropolis of Athens which is an elevated…

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  • Greek Achievements

    structural art; known for their columns and large temples recognized for the three architectural order styles: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. Each order can be easily identified by their distinctive proportions and detailing. Doric order which was used for the Parthenon, has a sturdy yet plain style. Ionic order is thinner, more elegant with a scroll-like design, like the Temple of Apollo. The Corinthian order is the most intricate of the three and the most complex. Greeks achievements in art are…

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  • Roman Revival Vs Gothic Revival Analysis

    come out of nowhere. Architects always absorb knowledge from a certain typology that they favor in the past, digest the knowledge and apply them to their own design. It is significant that architects carry classical ideas throughout generations in order to project designs in their ages powerfully, and leave heritage for next generation. During 18th and 19th century, several classical revivals occurred in America. Due to the increasing demands of housing and the eagerness of finding the identity…

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  • Influence And Impacts Of Ancient Greek Architecture

    upright posts, with a roof, or architrave, over the top. This type of architecture began with the Greeks, but has persisted throughout the ages to live on today. Even though it may seem simple, the Eventually these rules became known as orders, and different types of orders developed, with different styles of architecture. Greek architecture has had a long and important legacy in western history. Even now, people continue to copy Greek buildings, and many people go visit the ancient remains of…

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  • Alexander The Great: The Spread Of Greek Culture

    When Alexander the great ruled Greece, he developed a culture that was called Hellenism. Alexander the great spread the culture throughout the surrounding area’s by expanding his empire. At the young age of just twenty years old, Alexander became the leader of the great kingdom called Macedonia. Alexander’s empire was huge but very fragile. Every place alexander invaded and took over was named after him, simply being called “Alexandria.” ( (Hand book to life in ancient Greece)…

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  • Dubuque Courthouse Analysis

    Dubuque Courthouse is a building of multi-period bearing architecture. The building was constructed in, Beaux Arts Architecture- having detailed, large columns with intricate moldings and free-standing statuary. The Beaux Arts style is defined as a neo-classical architecture which includes Renaissance and Romanesque architecture. In this piece, the exterior of the building will be deliberated since is the Roman aspect is derived, as well bypass previous incarnations of the building, as it has…

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  • Apollo Greek God Essay

    Greek mythology is the center of the ancient Greek world. Everything revolved around the gods, deities, and nymphs. Their society thrived on the guidance received from those of greater power. Precautions were taken in order to never offend any deity. These gods and members of greater power were held to higher standards than humanity and were worshipped as so. There are many Greek gods and deities that are common to many of us; Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and Hades. The one that I have chosen to…

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  • Importance Of Mosque Essay

    A Mosque plays a very important role in a Muslim Society. A Mosque also known as a Masjid is a Holy place where all the Muslims gather to worship Allah Almighty. The word “Masjid” is an Arabic word which simply means “place of prostration”. The mosque also has a spiritual impact on all the Muslims, as they enter the mosque they get a feeling of relaxation, peace, sense of respect as they are stepping into the house of their creator. They act with Humility, dignity and humbleness as they pray.…

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  • Comparison Of Socrates, Herodotus, Alexander The Great And Julius Caesar

    Socrates, Herodotus, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. These are a few names that are known throughout history for their contributions to modern society. Rather it be in art, philosophy or war, modern society has been influenced one way or another by these men as well as the culture from that time period in history. Their concepts and ideas have been distributed into America’s culture and building practices. The architectural design of that era has also made its way into the very…

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  • Ostracism In The Agora

    Agora was the Royal Stoa, where the Royal Archon would sit during his year in office. The Royal Archon was one of the three principle magistrates in Athens, whose responsibilities pertained to both religious and legal matters. The stoa is in the Doric style and is relatively small. It was likely constructed in approximately 500 B.C., but it is possible for it to have been constructed after the Persian sack of 480/79 B.C. In the southeast of the Agora, just to the west of the Panathenaic Way…

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