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  • Comparison Of Socrates, Herodotus, Alexander The Great And Julius Caesar

    Socrates, Herodotus, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. These are a few names that are known throughout history for their contributions to modern society. Rather it be in art, philosophy or war, modern society has been influenced one way or another by these men as well as the culture from that time period in history. Their concepts and ideas have been distributed into America’s culture and building practices. The architectural design of that era has also made its way into the very…

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  • Ostracism In The Agora

    Agora was the Royal Stoa, where the Royal Archon would sit during his year in office. The Royal Archon was one of the three principle magistrates in Athens, whose responsibilities pertained to both religious and legal matters. The stoa is in the Doric style and is relatively small. It was likely constructed in approximately 500 B.C., but it is possible for it to have been constructed after the Persian sack of 480/79 B.C. In the southeast of the Agora, just to the west of the Panathenaic Way…

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  • Greek And Roman Architecture Essay

    The romans were capable of joining three various building configuration orders: Doric, ionic and Corinthian. Greek development displaying roused the Romans, who thus adjusted antiquated Greek style , they melded vaults and water systems in their structures. Another building documentation is that the Greeks chose to use statuesque…

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  • The Fate Of The Temple Of Athena On The Acropolis

    historical means. The first theory is proposed by Dörpfeld, in which the temple was not destroyed during the sack of Athens merely damaged and repaired (Ferrari 2002, 11). Bates theorized the temple was destroyed by the Persians, but not rebuilt in order to uphold the Oath of Plataea (Ferrari 2002, 13). Thirdly Curtius proposes that the damaged temple was simply repurposed (Ferrari 2002, 15). With limited and…

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  • Gothic Era Western Architecture

    in an orderly fashion. When people would come to see an event at the Colosseum, they were given a ticket, and entered through a designated point related to their ticket to ensure they get to their assigned seat as quickly and easily as possible. In order for this to happen, the Romans had to invent different types of vaulting to create hallways. Barrel vaults were created to make corridors, and groin vaults were created to allow for intersection. Barrel vaulting was originally round, like a…

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  • The Importance Of Ancient Roman Aqueduct

    agent. Paragraph 2 In the fourth century BC, Ancient Roman City had become a large city in the central of Italy. With the fiercely growing of the population and rapid expansion of city center, people had increasingly demand of water resource. In order to deal with the supply of water in cities,…

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  • The Spartans Spartiates

    structures possibly reveal that the Spartans built their religious sites on areas once used for religion by their predecessors. Furthermore, the shrine of Artemis Orthia was built on the outskirts of Sparta and was believed to have had supportive Doric columns and gabled roof. The Menelaion was located 5 km North…

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  • The Pantheon: The Colosseum In Ancient Rome

    Apodyterium (changing rooms), Notatio (open-air swimming pool), Calidarium (hot water bathing room), Tepidarium (warm water bathing room), and a Frigidarium (cool water bathing room). The Baths of Caracalla were unique in the way they used glass windows in order to maximize heating in the…

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  • Albert Speer's Contribution To Nazi Germany

    In order to make a judgement on the contribution of Albert Speer to the history of Nazi Germany, and to international history, one must look into his role as Hitler 's architect and his role as Minister for Armaments. In order to better understand Speer, one must look into his background. Albert Speer the apolitical technocrat, was born in Mannheim, Germany on 19th March, 1905. He was the son of a wealthy and successful architect. While his family wealth provided Speer with numerous advantages…

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  • Real Presence Essay

    Throughout history, Church Architecture has played a great role in how Catholics worship and actively participate in the liturgy. Church Architecture influenced actual participation during the Liturgical Movement in that it guided reformation emotionally using visual images and objects. The Real Presence is represented throughout the beautiful details put into the doors, walls, columns, pews, altar, and windows of a church. Members of the Church are able to live a life in Christ, learning from…

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