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  • Bernoulli-Euler Beam Theory

    for the material in this case 6061-T6 aluminum. This was done by having to different objectives for each part of the Lab. Part one was use electrical resistance strain gage, this was to measure the strain a cantilever beam as it undergoes a known deflection. We would then compare the measurements with that of the strains predicted by simple beam theory [1]. The objective for part two was to use two electrical resistance strain gages on the cantilevered beam to measure and calculate the Poisson…

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  • Theme Of Isolation In Paul's Case

    It is a common practice in short fiction to highlight the negative aspects of the human struggle. One of the main ways this is conveyed in through isolation which brings intense focus on the actions of the main character. In “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather, the main character, Paul, is a young teen that is considered a “bad case” because he is unable to act like the typical child his age. This is intensifies when he steals money and runs away to New York. In Katherine Mansfield’s “Miss Brill” the…

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  • Overabundance And Ecosystem

    Overabundance and how can it affect the surrounding ecosystem When discussing hunting and the types of impacts that removal of a population can do to ecosystems it 's important to know why the hunting is necessary to control negative and potentially devastating impacts that are a result of the animals in question. The Science of Overabundance points to a specific issues that surround the reseeding of Eastern Hemlock in the Upper Great Lakes region of the United States. “Hemlock was a dominant or…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Ex-Woman

    The public has long been fascinated with people who have spent their lives passing as what is believed to be not an authentic self. The infamous former Spoanoke NAACP president, Rachel Dolezal, was thrown into the spotlight after it was discovered she was a white woman passing as a black woman. Lance Bass, former N’Sync boy band heart throb, spent years in the closet passing as a straight man to not to jeopardize the marketability of the band to young women. For transgender individuals, the…

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  • David Sedaris's Essay 'Chipped Beef'

    Every child dreams about great things that they believe can magically happen. In David Sedaris's essay “Chipped Beef,” through various rhetorical devices Sedaris recalls downplaying his childhood by having such high, unrealistic aspirations in his fantasy world. Sedaris wishes many things were different in his life. For example, when Sedaris was in his fantasy he mentions “When my sisters were taken, my father crumpled the ransom note and tossed it into the eternal flame... We don’t negotiate…

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  • Analysis Of Phineas A Separate Peace

    Although Phineas attempts to combat the war with peace and games, he realizes that war is inevitable. Even war corrupts the spirit of pure, innocent Leper. His admittance to the truth and deflection of fantasy, reveals the change in his character. Like Leper, Phineas sees the beauty in the world around him and cannot fathom the darkness that lies on the inside. Phineas’s games, no matter how dangerous, are carried out without a trace of vindictiveness…

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  • Psychotherapy And Gestalt Therapy: Similarities

    Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Gestalt Therapy: Similarities As Yontef and Jacobs (2011) note, initially, it was fairly simple to compare Gestalt to other systems of therapy, largely due to the fact that Gestalt could clearly distinguish itself as the system that upheld existential and humanistic characteristics. Over time, however, the distinction between the fields has become more and more narrow. Following are the similarities between Gestalt boundary differences and psychodynamic defence…

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  • Characteristics Of Mooring Characteristics

    1.4. LOADING CHARACTERISTICS Often materials are subject to forces (loads) when they are used. The mooring lines have to withstand the loads acting on the moored structure in addition to loads acting directly on the mooring components (Bjørnsen 2014). Mechanical engineers calculate those forces and material scientists how materials deform (elongate, compress, and twist) or break as a function of applied load, time, temperature, and other conditions ( 2013). 1.4.1. Tensile Load The…

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  • Oscillation Of The Simple Pendulum Experiment

    measurement to it. Some errors have affected the outcome of the experiment. We used an electronic stopwatch to record the time for the pendulum’s oscillations and it seems that human reaction error could have possibly added/contributed to the deflection of our readings as time keeping usually consists in personally stopping the timer whenever the period appeared to be completed. This applies for both the values received for time for Graph 1 and Graph 2. It is possible that measurement errors…

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  • Mary George's View Of Abortion Analysis

    George believes that abortion should not be legalized. That it should be restricted. He states “A pro-life advocate sees abortion as a sin against God who infuses life at the moment of conception; a pro-choice advocate sees abortion as a decision to be made in accordance with the best scientific opinion as to when the beginning of life, as we know it, occurs.” (182) I believe that in the bible it does state that abortion is wrong, so Mr. George made a good point there. Mr. George, however, makes…

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