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  • Analysis Of The Heat Recovery Steam Generator

    Heat Recovery Steam Generator is a part of a power plant, which generates steam. The heat recovery steam generator used a gas turbine to operate, by using the flue (gas) from the exhaust of the gas turbine Figure 1. The heat exchanges process occurs between the boiler and exhaust gas, which is used to heat water in a boiler to raise the pressure of the steam. [1] In addition, the gas turbine is used for power source due to it has some advantages such as can be started quickly, can be easily…

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  • ECG Signal Essay

    CHAPTER 2 2.1 ELECTROCARDIOGRAM The ECG Signal is a graphical representation of the electromechanical activity of system. The various propagation action potentials within the heart produce a current flow, which generates an electrical field that can be detected, in significantly attenuated form, at the body surface, via a differential voltage measurement system. The resulting measurement, when taken with electrodes in standardized locations, is known as the electrocardiogram. The ECG signal is…

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  • Terminology Definitions For Spur Gear

    CHAPTER 5 EXPERIMENTATION 5.1 Spur gear terms and concept Fig. 5.1 Terminology definitions for spur gears The radial distance from the pitch circle to the outside diameter is called as addendum. The radial distance between the pitch circle and the root diameter is called as dedendum. The distance of the arc along the pitch circle from one side of a gear tooth to the other is called as circular thickness. The length of the arc of the pitch circle from one point on a tooth to the same…

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  • Electro Mechanical Actuator Case Study

    How Electro-mechanical Actuator Works? A Rotary Electromechanical Actuation system with an Electric Motor, a gear box & an elastic spring to absorb peak torque loads experienced during operational life. The Schematic below describes the system. Fig. 1.1 Rotary Electro-mechanical Actuator Gearbox Requirements: The Gear Box at the Motor Output is intended to amplify the torque output of the Motor with reduction in speed. The tentative ratio is set at 10:1. Functional Requirements of…

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  • Abigail Williams Reputation

    In a theocracy such as 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, one’s reputation is central to one’s position and survival; public and private moralities are inseparable. In an environment where reputation plays such an important role, the fear of guilt by association is exacerbated and people dread anyone or anything that could damage their reputation. Focused on maintaining a respectable public persona, the townsfolk of Salem grow increasingly anxious that the sins of their friends and associates…

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  • Albert Einstein Photoelectric Effect

    Many people in the world don 't realize that one of the greatest minds had possible learning disabilities. Albert Einstein at a younger age was labeled as dull, dyslexic, even autistic or schizophrenic. However, he overcame these “labels” and became very famous for his scientific knowledge. When Einstein was 16 years old, he always wondered what it would be like to ride his bike on a beam of light, 10 years later he came up with a special theory of relativity, which lead him to find out that…

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  • Defensive Realist Theory Vs Defensive Realism Theory

    After Waltz opened the door in the structural theory, other neorealists created theories to build on top of Waltz’s foundation. One in particular, John Mearsheimer, agreed with almost everything that Waltz said, except for his stance on security. In Waltz’s neorealism theory, he spoke about the security dilemma, and how that shapes a states foreign policy, and how they, in turn acts towards others. Mearsheimer offers the offensive realism theory, which is the opposite to the defensive theory…

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  • Cold Formed Steel Section Analysis

    Abstract Cold-formed steel section (CFSS) is a civil engineering material that still and always in ongoing research for utilising in building or construction works. The advantage of the CFSS is becoming so interesting in selecting it as a roof truss system and purlins. For having the roof truss system with stable and safe condition, the study of the truss member is carried out by using the cut-curving channel section. Before the cold-formed steel section has been curved, the process of curving…

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  • Case Study Of Split Die

    3.3.3 Selection of Die Angles The split die was designed for the ease of assembly for fabrication. AISI 52100 steel was selected as the material for the die fabrication. The entry part of the die is 12 mm and has 120 mm length. The profile of the die is also shown in the solid works software. The angle of the die is 90 is maintained, the slope radius is 20 mm. the Figure.3.1 & Figure. 3.2. illustrate the split die design and solid works model of the split die. Figure. 3.1 : Split die…

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  • Power Point Essay

    Power Point Script With the variety of topics covered in the curriculum over the last year, there was one topic that stood out to me the most, electricity. There was something very curiosity inducing about the fundamental forces that enables electricity to do wonders in the world. Outside of the realm of the studied curriculum, there is a whole chapter on the nature of induced forces in magnetic fields. This struck great interest and lead to further research. In the 1830’s, an English…

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