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  • My Brother Nikhil Analysis

    Introduction- The movie My Brother Nikhil a movie based on the life of Dominic D’Souza is a classic example of how one needs to be sensitized towards the problems with one is suffering through and lays emphasis on how it is being dealt to with the society. The Storyline- The movie begins by the Kapoor’s staying in the city of Goa. Set in the 1980’s it tells us about how Mr. Navin Kapoor, the main member to the Kapoor family always wanted to become a swimmer in his life but couldn’t achieve the…

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  • Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Films

    Tim Burton, a famous director of many movies, was influenced by Roald Dahl, Edgar Allen Poe, Vincent Price, Dr.Seuss, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, and Disney. Tim Burton’s influences have shaped and molded his unique style; Burton uses various cinematic techniques to create a dark and suspenseful mood while also maintaining a childlike innocence. Burton also doesn't hold back on using his imagination in his films; you can see his films tend to lean toward fantasy and fiction rather than being realistic.…

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  • Stylistic Analysis Of Edward Scissorhands

    Tim Burton, a director for many movies. Movies such as Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These are movies that will be us in this essay. Burton has many crazy characters. Characters that are shy, dark, crazy, and a little creepy. Some characters that he created are Edward, Mr. Wonka, and Beetlejuice. Burton’s dark style is best conveyed through his use of color, zooming, and music. One defining characteristic of Burton’s style is his use of color to devolve…

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  • Why Did Tim Burton Use Camera Angles In Edward Scissorhands

    From Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and even Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton has made films that have became huge hits across the country. When watching these movies, the audience may notice many different types of lighting, music and sounds, and camera angles, from cheery to gloomy then dismay. Tim Burton wants the audience to feel these feelings to have a connection with the character he’s made. To begin, Burton manipulates camera angles and framing to catch and…

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  • Evil In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

    within everyone and that it is everlasting. In the beginning of the novel, Ralph says, ‘“We can’t have everybody talking at…

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  • The Struggle For Freedom In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

    Independence is a state of solitude, self-determination, and freedom that everyone will crave at least once in their lifetime. During the 1840 's, feminism was beginning to spread, yet it was still a struggle for women to obtain independence, especially for those who truly wanted it. Charlotte Bronte 's romantic fiction novel, Jane Eyre, is named after the main character who encounters the same conflict as the majority of the women in her time period along with experiencing love. For some people…

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  • Simon's Death In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

    only one with a real view of the 'Beast'. He has a considerable strength of mind but is frail of body. He enters the book fainting, something that he seems to do regularly and he suffers from epilepsy or some similar condition. In chapter 5 Simon says how there may be a beast on the island, but that "it's only us". He recognises that the beast is not a tangible form but exists as an impulse of evil within each individual; the others mock him for his views. His view is backed up again in…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Behavioural Analysis

    natural habits become and therefore their instincts become more evil as they start to believe there is a beast. They believe the beast can shapeshift into anything causing them to go crazy and killing what they might believe is the beast. As Simon says around the middle of the novel, “Maybe we are the beast” (96). It’s ironic because around the time there instincts start to get out of hand,…

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  • Pentagramon: A Short Story

    he tries to step out of the pentagram but Elias says that he cannot escape from it since he put a containment spell on the pentagram. Agramon proves him wrong by stepping out the the pentagram with ease. Elias then screams and tries to run away as the demon chases him. The man just watches as the young warlock gets tackled by the demon. Elias is now fearing for his life but the demon withdrawals leaving Elias on the floor terrified. The man then says, “And I’m also your master now. I hold the…

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  • Analysis Of Mise En Scene In Edward Scissorhands

    Edward Scissor hands Burton utilizes creative and regularly claustrophobic camera points to convey the focal ideas of seclusion and self-disclosure, and in addition upgrading the fundamental subjects of societal consistency and partiality, to the crowd. Burton 's defamation of the suburbs is made promptly clear through the opening perspective shot which container from the grandma 's home and compasses over the 'treat cutter ' rural areas, finishing with another perspective from the house…

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