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  • Analysis: American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang

    American Born Chinese, written by Gene Luen Yang, there are many plot elements. Each character in this book have different scenarios and different stages of plot elements. The main characters in this story are The Monkey King, Jin Wang, Wei-Chen Sun, Danny, and his cousin Chin-Kee. Each one has different problems and there are many plot elements to each. In the first story, about the Monkey King, there is major conflict in the beginning. The Monkey King wants to be let into the Arrival of…

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  • Grease: Movie Analysis

    the story of two high school seniors named Danny and Sandy who fall in love over the summer and have different lives at school. Sandy is a young naïve, transfer student from Australia and Danny is the leader of a greaser ganged called The T-birds. Danny depicted himself as a nice guy at the beach…

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  • Essay On Family And Faith In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

    Promise we see both conflict in family and in faith In The Chosen by Chaim Potok there is a lot of conflict with family and faith. To start off with Reuven and Danny become good friends after Danny nearly blinds Reuven during their intense softball game. Both boys are from different Jewish backgrounds. Reuven is a traditional Orthodox Jew and Danny is a Hasidic Jew. Reuven’s father is a dedicated scholar who wants his son to be a mathematician, but he wants to be a rabbi. Danny’s father is the…

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  • Danny Najera

    about these things often. I chose my Biology Professor Danny Najera from Green river College to interview. I chose Dr. Najera because he is a research scientist who is passionate about his work. Danny is not the typical scientist. He is a funny, sarcastic character. This man is not clean shaven rather he can be described as a rough, ruddy man. His hair is long, and his face not shaven. His facial features resemble that of a Bush man. I met Danny at Green River as I wanted to get involved in…

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  • Character Analysis: The Chosen By Chiem Potok

    friendship stands forever and will never fall apart. Danny, Reuven, and Mr. Malter, all have the character trait of a true friend. To begin, Reuven remains as the example of a perfect friend. His intimacy for Danny and Mr. Malter is infrangible. When Reuven put forward to have Danny over for dinner, it became an instant that Reuven could express his friendship toward Danny. Although Danny declined, it still was a moment of true friendship. When Danny sat in the hospital, his father said these…

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  • The Sound Of Silence In The Chosen

    words would not be teachable. Silence allowed Danny to show Rueven that he genuinely cared, by going to the hospital to visit Rueven. Danny didn’t have to say any words to Rueven, just his presence was enough to show that he was genuinely sorry and that he actually cared about Rueven. Unlike modern times where you would just send a text message or send a phone call that you hope they feel better. Danny…

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  • Friendship In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

    different backgrounds face today. Danny Saunders And Reuven Malter faced many hardships in the course of the novel. They faced rules and prejudices that many of us were not familiar with before the novel. They had disagreements and touching personal moments that friends experience with each other even today. Their friendship had its high points and its low points, but their friendship was strong and was able to be maintained throughout its trials. One could say the boys had an ideal friendship.…

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  • Chron's Disease Case Study Essay

    to a 21-year-old male adult, Danny who suffers from Chron’s Disease. Danny currently is a fourth-year student at York University majoring in Sociology. I know Danny through my younger brother, Danny is one of his closest friends. Chron’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder that targets your intestines and restricts the digestive process. Danny’s body does not absorb many nutrients due to ulcers that are lining his intestine. Regarding Danny’s Chron’s Disease, when Danny experiences a flare up, he…

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  • Relationships In The Chosen By Rochel Meshenberg And Nasira Khalsen

    who form strong friendships as they mature into adult life. Rochel Meshenberg and Nasira Khaldi are two new teachers in a Brooklyn school, one Jewish one Muslim; whom are both having marriages arranged for them. In "The Chosen", Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders are two boys, one an Orthodox Jewish the other Hasidic Jewish, also in Brooklyn, who are going through school and determining their paths for the future. Both their friendships are affected by their religions which are, in a way, similar…

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  • Character Analysis: The Chosen

    Hasidic team begins to taunt and bully the less conservative “hell-bound sinners” on the other team. Hate boils as Danny Saunders, the leader of the Hasidic team, purposely hits a pitch right back at the pitcher, crushing his glasses and landing him in the hospital for a week. This is how Chaim Potok 's book The Chosen begins. It would seem that there would be no way the batter, Danny Saunders, and the pitcher, Reuven Malter, could be friends. But Potok uses their friendship to deeply explore…

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