Cross-cultural communication

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  • London Has Fallen Character Analysis

    London Has Fallen is a thrilling movie that showcases true heroism and the power that nationalism can have on an individual. Mike Banning, the main character, is a secret service officer who is very close with the President. London Has Fallen is the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, where Mike Banning a former secret service agent returns to the White House to save the President’s life. In London Has Fallen, Mike Banning returns as the head of the secret service task force serving full time for…

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  • Differences Between Cultural Relativism And Universal Human Rights

    "Cultural relativism is an undeniable fact", Jack Donnelly postulates in his journal entitled, "Cultural Relativism and Universal Human Rights" (Donnelly, J); the axiom rings true not only inside anthropology, but inside the emergency room, whenever two cultures clashes and "the conflict [becomes] confined to differences in belief systems" (Fadiman, A). One example that comes to mind in the recent decades is the confrontation between the Lee family and a public hospital in Merced, California,…

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  • Multi-Cultural Analysis

    reflect the cultural tendencies of all involved. The primary mistake that we should avoid in multi-cultural business meetings is assuming cultural similarity. Cultural assumptions based on a common business goal with people of different background, goals, and aspirations will prove dismal if preconceived notions are decided on prior to meeting. To avoid misunderstandings that may compromise the success of the meeting, all parties must be culturally aware and competent. Effective multi-cultural…

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  • My Culture: A Conceptual Analysis

    “Cultural relativism is the belief that behaviors and customs of any culture must be viewed and analyzed by the culture’s own standards” (Kendall, 2016, p. 55). A living example of this would be a foreign exchange student. As a Rotary exchange student in…

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  • Hofstede Cultural Differences

    3. The Cultural Differences Between China and America From the Perspective of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions 3.1 The Power-Distance(PDI)Reflected in The Joy Luck Club PDI is used to indicate the degree of acceptance of people in a culture for inequality in the distribution of power. In general, Asia has a higher PDI, the usual reaction of Chinese for inequality is to endure, to obey the authority, and they are educated to obey their parents. While Western countries have a lower PDI, they have…

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  • Importance Of Vernacular Design

    When we look on a larger scale the India owns a rich cultural heritage. The culture plays a vital role in defining the particular design style of a place or people with time. The objective of the paper is to study the changes in culture and heritage from vernacular to modern era around India. Vernacular design has been evolved through a process of trial and error from ages. In Methodology the vernacular and contemporary are documented and analyzed on various parameters of tradition. The…

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  • Poles Vs Expatriates Case Study

    What are some important cultural differences between the Poles and the U.S. expatriates? A major cultural difference that stands out between the Poles and U.S. expatriates is the degree of individualism and the role each play in business. American mangers expect and promote employees to make decisions on their own and to take the initiative to create new ideals and bring value to the company. Polish employees need more structure and clear directive to complete each task and function of a job and…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Globalization

    Globalization can be defined by many interpretations such as in political, communities and cultural because globalization is not a single concept that can be defined and encompassed within a set time frame, nor is it a process that can be defined clearly with a beginning and an end. The debates about the meaning of this word has been presented by the variety of viewpoints or opinions by the scholars, economists and others. Several significant factors would affect the interpretations of a person…

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  • Cultural Diversity In Emirates Airline

    Which also contains the cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is the difference between different cultures, impact when they met, such as competition and loss reaction. Cultural diversity may be due to religious constituencies, ethnic group, language, political stance, social class, gender, nationalism, the age gap, literary accomplishment, artistic cognition, different degree of education, and cultural diversity. However, for in a company, what is the effects cultural diversity? This is…

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  • Hofstede's Five Dimensions Summary

    Cultural Differences in Hofstede’s Six Dimensions Geert Hofstede is the fourth most quoted social scientist of his time, he is the last one of the top five that is still alive. His notable influence has been in the area of culture. Geert Hofstede defines culture as “the collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of one group or category of people from another” (Neill, C., 2012). The “Category” can refer to nations, regions, regions within or across nations, ethnicities,…

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