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  • Summary Of Little Rock Homicide Investigations

    On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, Little Rock Homicide Detectives were requested to respond to an officer involved shooting at 514 East 8th Street. Upon arrival, I made contact with Sergeant James Lesher and I was advised the elements of the scene. Sergeant Lesher stated that Officers were dispatched to a call of a disturbance that was at the residence of 514 E. 8th Street. Sergeant Lesher advised that he received information from patrol supervisors on scene that while Officer Dennis Hutchins and…

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  • Analysis Of Second Shift Homicide Detectives

    believe this will greatly improve investigations both initially and more importantly long term. This change in the procedure allows for two (2) detectives to be fully active at the onset of the investigation, while the 3rd partner handles the processing of the crime scene. While it is not necessary for all three (3) detectives to be present at each step of the investigation, all three (3) should remain active and knowledgeable of the status of the investigation. This should provide for…

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  • Criminal Profiling White Paper

    Criminal Profiling White Paper Ali Wiethe University of Dayton According to Kocsis (2010), criminal profiling is defined as “A forensic technique which seeks to provide investigative agencies with specific information which will help focus attention to individuals with personality traits that parallel traits of other perpetrators who have committed similar other offenses.” Through this definition, it is believed that profiling will help law enforcement officers pursue and interview suspects,…

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  • Criminal Investigation Using Gibbs Model Of Reflection

    Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts’ (Holmes, 2009). Criminal Investigation is a very critical aspect of the Justice System and the wider society in general. For a number of years now, the international media have been criticizing severely the handling of criminal investigations. Some of the issues that have been highlighted are flawed police investigations, which has led to miscarriages of justice (Rossmo, 2009). In these contexts, police…

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  • Confessions: A Qualitative Study

    Confessions are one of the most damning types of evidence in criminal trials. While convictions cannot be based on confessions alone, they are still relied on in litigation (Schwartzbach, 2016). Not all confessions are true, however, even if a person remembers committing the crime. Julia Shaw and Stephen Porter published a study in 2015 that examined the general hypothesis: It is possible to create a false memory of committing a crime. They used a sample of 60 undergraduate students to test the…

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  • CID Special Agent Interview Report

    Interview of David Smith, CID Special Agent On August 26, 2016 an interview was conducted with Special Agent David R. Smith, at his office located at the Redstone Criminal Investigations Command, Bldg. 3623, Gray Road, Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama. Special Agent Smith provided the following information. David Smith joined the US Army in 1997 and spent his first 8 years in the military working Psychological Operations (PSYOP) as an Arabic linguist. He applied to and was selected to attend the…

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  • Joel Rifkin Interview

    During the investigation he had been interviewed my homicide detectives that were in charge of the murder investigation. Interviewing is a fundamental skill that all members in justice related professions must be equipped with. Knowing how to effectively interview a victim or offender in a criminal case can go a long way. It can help establish important details that have occurred through the case and help law enforcement establish a modus operandi for the offenders. In any criminal investigation…

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  • My Experience In Criminal Investigation

    PROFILE A highly energetic, versatile and professional, criminal investigator with over 8 years experience in the British Army. Extensively trained and experienced in conducting serious and complex criminal investigations encompassing civil, international and military law. Particularly effective within the fields of preserving and recovering evidence, interviewing suspects and witnesses, preparing reports and disclosure. KEY TECHNICAL SKILLS • Problem Solving: I am a methodical problem solver,…

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  • Jonbenets Ramsey: A Devastating Unsolved Case

    ultimately killed her ( This case took place in Boulder Colorado they have jurisdiction over the case and their police department conducted the investigation at the time and over the years. They have looked into the case again for new evidence, going back to the crime scene, and trying to talk to family and friends about what happened that day. The Colorado police departments and district attorney’s offices suspected JonBenét 's parents first along with her older brother, Burke.…

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  • Essay On Offender Profiling

    In this research paper, Dr. Craig Bennell (2014) demonstrated that inaccurate offender profiles discourage the police to arrest the offenders. Next, Craig (2014) introduced that offender profiling is a type of technique in the police investigation. Currently, profiling becomes a prioritized tool of solving a serial offender case. Additionally, serial murder cases mean that the police must fit a particular suspect in a large amount of suspects. However, if offender profiling is confounded, it is…

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