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  • Argumentative Influence Of Social Media On Children

    Twitter Revolution, because of the means by which the demonstrators had been brought together (Gladwell). In 2008 political activists in Kenya used social media to bring awareness to a contested political election (Carr et al. 190). In 2009 the State Department asked Twitter to hold off on doing the websites scheduled maintenance because political protesters in Iran were using the site to send pictures and demonstrate during a disputed election (Kates and Nocera). Social media is also helping…

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  • Homeland Security Thesis

    LITERATURE ANALYSIS: TOPIC IDENTIFICATION & BIBLIOGRAPHY Proposed Topic: I will be researching and discussing the Department of Homeland Security, and what it means to law enforcement and the American public. Proposed Thesis Statement: According to IC21 (1996), public and private information that is collected by the intelligence community and law enforcement differs, in that law enforcement collects specific information, whereas the intelligence community collects more…

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  • Human Trafficking Case Summary

    trafficking victim to be able to expunge some enumerated criminal violations. This provision is subject to some requirements, including the alleged victim had committed these crimes while she was under the control of the alleged trafficker (Nova 2013.) Florida Statute 772.104 provides some civil remedies to the victims of human trafficking as well. The victims of this crime could ask in civil…

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  • Arsonist Case Study

    The study reviewed from the patients files any Axis I and Axis II disorders, the patients personal and criminal background, psychopathy scores, and finally the arsonists motives were examined. In this study, the main findings are that male arson offenders in the study had received more psychiatric treatment in the past, displayed an increase level of alcohol…

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  • Accelerant Canines In Fire Investigation

    Introduction Fire investigators have many different types of technology and equipment available to them today to assist in the investigation process. Accelerant canines are becoming a more commonly used piece of “equipment” used by fire investigators today. Accelerant canines have many uses in fire investigations and other investigations as well; they do require specific training in order to do this work however, also; there are some challenges faced with accelerant canine findings in the court…

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  • Profiling Criminal Justice

    the time by ordinary people. When profiling is applied to a crime scene it is known as criminal profiling. Criminal profiling is considered an investigative tool used by law enforcement in order to identify suspects or prevent future crimes of an offender from happening. Criminal profiling is used throughout a crime when there is no conclusive evidence that can be inferred from the crime scene. With criminal profiling, profilers use the crime scene and other observations in order to conduct a…

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  • Watchmen Style

    objective is to control illegal and disruptive behaviors. Some of the ways that the watchmen achieve their goals is to use informal police intervention, which often includes persuasion and threats and sometimes to even get physically violent with criminals. This style of policing is not popular with some because they say it only exists in poor communities. The watchmen style is a good representative of crime control method. A very different style of policing is the legalistic style. In the…

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  • History Of Police Brutality

    law enforcement organizations have given another source of information on the issue. A national investigation of subject complaints was directed as of late for the Police Foundation by Pate and Fridell (1993). In 1992, a mail overview was sent to a specimen of metropolitan and region police divisions, province sheriff departments, and state police offices, of which 1,111 (67.2%) reacted. Investigation of excessive force complaints uncovered that a significant majority (89%) were recorded with…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As An Office Assistant

    years, I got promoted to the office coordinator where one of my job descriptions is to train and help out other cashiers with different issues. My daily duties include processing payments from different departments in order for the facility to check and balance. I check to make sure that each department proves out and everything balances out and then the accounting office checks to make sure that I proved out and that there are no errors. Of course sometimes errors can not be avoided, for…

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  • Slo Veg Case Study

    5.0 SEGMENTATION, TARGETING, POSITIONING 5.1 Segmentation SLO Veg’s world of prospective customers is divided into two groups. The two groups are on campus college students aged 18-25 and families with parents/legal guardians aged 46-65. Of all the adults that purchase online groceries in the last 6 months, 24.97% are between the ages of 18-24. In the past 6 months their counterpart of families with legal guardians/parents aged 45-64 are only 17.79% of the market.5 Additionally, college…

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