David Smith Interview Case Study

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Interview of David Smith, CID Special Agent
On August 26, 2016 an interview was conducted with Special Agent David R. Smith, at his office located at the Redstone Criminal Investigations Command, Bldg. 3623, Gray Road, Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama. Special Agent Smith provided the following information.

David Smith joined the US Army in 1997 and spent his first 8 years in the military working Psychological Operations (PSYOP) as an Arabic linguist. He applied to and was selected to attend the CID Special Agent Course a 16-week course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where he attended specialized courses in investigative skills and Forensic Science training. Nationwide allocations exist, selections are made for several law enforcement personnel,
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As with any crime, it is the responsibility of the SA CSI to process, collect, record and secure the evidence in a sanctioned and secure evidence room at the Redstone, from there it is (after initial investigation) submitted to USACIL for processing. One advantage SA Smith says is that he can request expedition of processing if the situation is warranted and though there is a backlog it is not several years as with some DNA processing labs.
I asked SA Smith what were some of the most rewarding aspects of his job and he replied that his involvement from initial notification of the incident, through the entire process, to include court proceedings, he has been a part of. To my understanding, his philosophy in solving a crime based on his training is dedicated effort, due diligence, time management and an overall feeling of “making a difference”. “It is not just about catching the bad guys but just as much as an obligation to exonerate the innocent”.
Finally, I asked him what were his plans, was he going to retire from the military and if so or not what were his plans for the future. His first goal was to finish his time at Redstone, move onto Ft. Campbell, KY and eventually moves to the Higher CID Headquarters and retire from there. His goal to work in the Federal side of Law Enforcement.

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