Counterterrorism Case Study Essay

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Case Study After the frustration of limited help from the federal government and the new growing fear of terrorism the New York City Police Department created a number of counterterrorism units to combat terrorism affecting the city. The NYPD even mentions in their mission statement on their counterterrorism unit page “Built upon the realization that the City could not rely solely on the federal government for its defense, the Counterterrorism Bureau was created” ( Although the City still works and is partnered with the FBI, the City wanted to take its own initiative to use its recourses to combat this new issues facing the city. Since the 9/11 attacks terrorism is constantly on the mind of the city’s people, this new department has …show more content…
This Division and all it’s subunits within it is now supervised by Deputy Chief Salvatore DiPace. The first subdivision is the Technology and Construction Section, this subunit “designs and implements large scale counterterrorism projects” ( This subunit is the head of the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative. The LMSI was a project set out to created a highly networked surveillance project to “detect threats and perform pre-operational terrorist surveillance south of Canal Street in Lower Manhattan” ( The LMSI is one the first major project that combines the increase of police presence and technology implementation to monitor Lower Manhattan which is widely believed to be the main target of terrorist attacks, especially since it holds Wall Street, the nation’s financial capital. The main purpose of the project was to create information sharing between the NYPD and other public and private agencies. For the LMSI there is also The Lower Manhattan Security Coordination Center (LMSCC) which has officers on duty 24/7 and is the centralized center for all information from the extra surveillance south of Canal Street. These public and private agencies are even encourage to be apart of the mission progress by joining the Coordination Center’s Operations Center to be better apart of the process and information

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