Craig Markham Case Study

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1. Craig Markham Teaches Self Defense
For fifteen years, Craig Markham has taught the Take Control Self Defense program in Ontario. Through this extra curricular activity, he serves as the Assistant Judo Instructor. Working with women and children who want to have self defense knowledge and experience gives him great joy. He likes to know that he positively contributes to his community through this work.
2. Craig Markham Believes in Community Involvement
Not only has Craig Markham spent over a decade serving his community as a Law Enforcement Officer, he has also participated in community events in his free time. Markham has been a member of the Auxiliary Constable with the Ontario Provisional Police as well as a member of the Citizens on Patrol
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Craig Markham Has Correctional Officer Experience
Adding to the list of his many accomplishments, Craig Markham was once a Correctional Officer for the Guelph Correctional Centre. This position with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services in Guelph, Ontario taught Markham many important skills, including team work and management. He was tasked with the care, supervision, and safety of the prisoners in the Centre.
5. Craig Markham Worked as a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
After deciding to follow his passion for Law Enforcement, Craig Markham received his education and became a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer for the Protective Services Division of the City of Waterloo, in Ontario. He was responsible for enforcing the laws of the area, and investigating violations of the municipal bylaws of Waterloo.
6. Craig Markham Enjoys Furthering his Education
Even while gainfully employed as a Law Enforcement Officer, Craig Markham wished to further his education. He has attended an Investigative Interviewing Techniques Course in 2011, a session on Supervisory Roles and Leadership in 2008, and a Team Building workshop, also in 2008. He uses the skills learned through these courses to provide superior employment
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Craig Markham is a Leader and a Teacher
Over the many years that Craig Markham has worked in Law Enforcement, he has earned a reputation as both a leader and a teacher. This role, which often placed him in a mentoring position, was beneficial to the other younger officers in his unit. He was designated as a training officer early in his career, and valued the opportunity to lead by example.
19. How Craig Markham Views the Whole Picture
After accomplishing a decade and a half as a Law Enforcement Officer, Craig Markham has become very well suited to investigation. The ability to gather evidence goes beyond the purview of criminal justice, and can be applied to any career. His skill for looking at the big picture and interpreting the clues he finds allows him to make wise decisions.
20. Craig Markham Works Well in High Stress Situations
Not everyone can keep a clear head and make good decisions in a high stress situation, fortunately, Craig Markham has this natural ability. He has spent over fifteen years sharpening his skill for stress management, which has been proven throughout his career. There are few positions that offer the chance to become masters of stress like that of law

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