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  • Organic Paradigms Of Leadership In The 21st Century

    Through the years, leadership has been categorised into paradigms of classical, transactional and visionary leadership. Leadership paradigms have risen out of the various theoretical constructs as seen various situations throughout the history of business organisations. The paradigms of leadership may differ in perspectives as in how leadership may be viewed . Leadership may be viewed from the person, position or process point of view. When leadership is viewed from a person’s point of view, the…

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  • Corporate Criminal Liability Essay

    Corporate Criminal Liability: A Need of the Hour Aanchal Lamba Aditi Khanna Abstract The purpose of this article is to throw light on the current need for a legislation to deter the crimes committed by corporate firms. The paper describes the concept of corporate criminal liability, its diverse interpretation adopted over the years and the current scenario of corporate crimes in India. It discusses the need to intensify the current punishment given to corporations and proposes alternative…

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  • Aristocrat Leisure Limited: Case Study

    Operational Efficiency (Appendices 3) The management activities of operating asset are the most importance factors in the field of profit and loss. The main business activities in the management of asset are total inventory and asset management and so on. Inventory is very important, because it is the fastest flow of assets into cash in a normal business process, and fundamentally affects the cash flow Inventory turnover measures the conversion speed between inventory and sales and is defined by…

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  • Limited Liability Company Essay

    The company will have many kinds of stakeholder which include internal and external stakeholders. The stakeholders are people who interest or stake in an organization and their opinion can affect the organization. The main stakeholders incorporate shareholders, creditors, employees and the community. There are advantage and disadvantage for stakeholder when dealing with or using a limited liability company (LLC) structure for small businesses in New Zealand. In a limited liability company,…

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  • FLOCS Reflective Essay

    The Learning Center’s semi-annual FLOCS assessment was coming up soon. The Learning Center director had to make sure all of the client paperwork was in order and I had to make sure the fire inspection was completed prior to the FLOCS assessment. Dealing with the country Fire Inspectors was not an easy task. Normally a Fire Inspector would come arrive for the inspection in late May or Early June, but apparently they were very busy this year and were running behind schedule. Several calls were…

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  • Coal Mine Fraud Research Paper

    the Wells Fargo executive, John Stumpf, who was asked to step down instead of any consequence being afflicted with him. The crime caused the bank to pay 184 million dollars to make up for the fraudulent charges (Wang). This is a prime example of corporate greed taking reign over the people. Because the charges involve finances the courts decide that too much of a punishment will not do anything but when a slap on the wrist is given it will remind them that a lot worse can come. As stated by Mr.…

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  • Lockheed Martin Case Study

    O. Ellis, Jr., Thomas J. Falk, Marillyn A. Hewson, James M. Loy, and Joseph W. Ralson; Management Development & Compensation which has Daniel F. Akerson, Nolan D. Archibald, Rosalind G. Brewer, David B. Burritt, and Thomas J. Falk; Nominating & Corporate Governance which has Nolan D. Archibald, Rosalind G. Brewer, Bruce A. Carlson, Thomas J. Falk, Gwendolyn S. King, and Anne Stevens; and Strategic Affairs which has Nolan D. Archibald, David B. Burritt, James O. Ellis, Jr., James M. Loy, Joseph W…

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  • Influence Of Integrity

    “Corporate governance is the formal system of oversight, accountability, and control of organizational decisions and resources. Oversight relates to a system of checks and balances that limit employees’ and managers’ opportunities to deviate from policies and…

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  • Huffman Trucking Corps Strategic Financial Plan

    explain major assumptions and identifies areas of risk. The risk that would be identified are: A review of cash flow statements and a recommendation of implementing new short-term working capital strategies on long-term cash flow, an explanation of corporate risk mitigation techniques…

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  • Regional Medical Center Case Study

    Abstract Many organizations have an organizational structure that serves many purposes. The most important of these is the hierarchy within the organization. It outlines who is under who as this is necessary for the chain of command. The organizational structure is also important in showing the different departments in an organization and who they are under. “The degree to which a nurse functions in these various responsibilities depends on the position the nurse holds in the organization”…

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