Royal Talens Case Study

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An evaluation of pan European pricing strategy For Royal Talens

By Sougata Bose


MBA Management Project Report

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It has over 6000 single stock keeping units. With the advent of Online Sales channel such as, in combination with (previously national) retailers going international along with introduction of Euro as a single currency across European nations the topic of the optimum pricing strategy becomes more and more a returning discussion point in the organization. Although there are quite a no of pricing strategies which can be implemented, but it has to be in synchronization with the optimization of sales and margin structures nationally. The company wants to limit or eliminate conflicts about different pricing for the same product in different European countries, but also they want to maintain and optimize their margins. They observed that going for one European price in Euro leads (in practice) to the lowest price point (i.e. lowest …show more content…
This starts with an explanation of the management project methodology and concludes with a description of the methods of data gathering and the interpretation of this data.
In this chapter the methodology of this project will be described. It starts with the explanation of methodologies used and concludes with the methodologies of data gathering and interpretation of these data.
3.1 Research strategy
As mentioned by Sekaran and Bougie(2009),research done to solve specific problems experienced by an organization by applying the results of the finding from the research is called “Applied Research”. In that perspective, this management project is nothing but “Applied Research” in which different academic models, frameworks and investigations are used in a business context.

Before recommending a pricing strategy for Royal Talens, an environmental analysis (Chapter 4) is carried out in order to understand the total picture of the company from analysis standpoint. It consists of internal and external challenges and macro environmental

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