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  • Death Tax Debate

    Doing this will save many jobs and businesses due to the death tax being repealed. His plan will increase the total number of entrepreneurs, investors, and jobs because of the decrease in capital gains and dividends taxes.Due to the abolishment of corporate taxes, there will likely cause an increase in the competitiveness of United States corporations and decrease the number of American jobs being outsourced. It will be easier for people who make a small amount of money to get out of poverty due…

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  • Tax Reform Research Paper

    Reforming the U.S. Tax Code Davey Jones III ACC 307, Federal Taxation Ms. Phillips This is why we need a flat tax, “If you get rid of two-thirds to three-quarters of the deductions and exemptions and carve-outs of the tax system, you’re not going to need all these IRS agents snooping into your financial records.” (Moore, 2013) “Publisher and former Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes, who made the tax proposal famous in his 1992…

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  • Ethical Business Management: Air Products V. Airgas Inc.

    Choice #1: Ethical Business Management Sometimes, in firms, the interest of the stockholders and that of management will diverge and misalign thereby resulting in mismanagement of the business. Such separation leads to what is known in the finance world as an agency problem. Moreover, one of the five principle foundations of finance is principle number five (5) which points out that a conflict of interest will cause this agency problem (Keown, Martin, & Petty, 2014). Presented is an analysis…

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  • GT Stewart Solicitors Case Study

    6. Functions at GT Stewart Solicitors (2.1) • CEO: the highest-ranking person in the law firm, responsible for taking managerial decisions • High Court Advocate (HCA): responsible for the management and operations as well as assuming the role of HR manager • Supervising Solicitors: responsible for the day-to-day performance of their department • Assistant Solicitors: responsible for providing legal advice and assistance • Billing Manager: responsible for processing and billing cases 7.…

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  • Red Clay Renovation Case Summary

    Red Clay Power structure The company top pinnacle of authority is the chief executive officer, who is also the chairperson of the Board of Directors, and owns a 25% share. Second in authority is the chief finance office, who is a member of the board of directors, and also owns a 25% share. There are five other members of the board of directors who include the chief operating officer, the director of architecture and construction services, the director of information technology services, the…

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  • Pimermed Products, Inc: Case Summary

    Would you Do This Deal? PimerMed Products, Inc. Ben Carlile 4-17-16 Welcome back. Last week we presented an opportunity to finance $6MM in production equipment for a medical device manufacturer. We are reviewing the transaction from the perspective of an equipment finance firm (ABC) that was recently acquired by a local bank (FCB). More information here: ________________ Below are simplified highlights of our decision-making process: First, in checking our Risk Appetite Statements, we…

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  • Corporate Finance: The Overlooked Finance Career

    Corporate Finance: The Overlooked Finance Career Corporate finance has been overlooked as a secondary choice for an undergraduate finance major that wasn’t able to break into Wall Street. Until recently, the reputation of holding a corporate finance job was not as prestigious as an investment-banking resume. In this paper, my objective is to enlighten the reader on the career paths of an entry-level corporate finance analyst and why I decided that corporate finance is the right path for me. The…

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  • Boss Lady Mae: Boss Ladies On The Move

    Boss Lady Mae is a multi-talented force of nature. She achieved Best-Selling Author status after Book 1 of the Boss Ladies (5 Book Series) had over 45k downloads in two days. To top it all off, Boss Lady was rising to Stardom with Boss Ladies on the Move (BLOTM), the group for Forward-Thinking Women in Business that she founded. What should have been the best year of her life with two best-selling books on Amazon, all the buzz about BLOTM, and the launching of her new magazine, HBOSS ATL, but…

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  • Internal Controls In Computacenter

    There are three main committees in Computacenter board group, Audit Committee, Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee. Leader group in the company consist of 9 main people. Greg Lock, the person response as non-executive chairman and the chairman of the nomination committee; Mike Norris, the chief executive officer of the company; Tony Conophy, the group finance director; Peter Ogden, the non-executive director; Philip Hulme, the non-executive director; Regine Stachelhaus, the…

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  • How Does High Liquidity Risk Cause Tlc Suffer Big Loss

    hoarding cash. On one hand, to hoarding cash, the company may delay the payroll and work has ground to a halt. On the other hand, selling assets may cause company suffer big lose. Assets that are difficult to sell in an illiquid market carry a liquidity risk since they cannot be easily converted to cash at a time of need. Liquidity risk may lower the value of certain assets or businesses due to the increased potential of capital loss. Therefore, high liquidity risk could cause TCL suffer huge…

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