Starting A Business In Australia Case Study

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Are you interested in opening a business in Australia?
Dear Entrepreneur, here is the information that you absolutely need to know prior to investing.
I chose Australia because it has already set up common structures that an entrepreneur I could choose from when establishing a new business. These structures are breakdown into, sole, trader, partnerships, trusts and companies/corporations. This will help to carefully consider what my business needs are and what will suit me as an entrepreneur in this country. Each structure has licenses that are necessary to determine how I operate by business, tax and legal implication.
Starting a business in Australia would include a lot of important details researched before hand such as what my company
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The most recent round of data collection for the project was completed in June 2016
Australia: Recovery rate (cents on the dollar) 82.4, Time (years) 1, Cost (%of estate) 8
Zambia: Recovery rate (cents on the dollar) 49.4, Time (years) 1, Cost (%of estate) 9

Finally, this was an amazing exercise and for once I felt like a really entrepreneur. The comparison between the two countries I would like to start business in made me reflect objectively on my earlier goals and whether it is worth it to risk going ahead with investing after reading the ranking and the other issues one the country faces especially

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