Why Do Americans Have To Pay Low Taxes

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Americans always want to pay low taxes, especially the rich who make millions or even billions and complain about how it 's hurting their businesses. However in reality taxes on the rich are among the lowest they have ever been. America has seen a steady tax decline on wealthy Americans since the Reagan administration while wages for the middle class have barely increased after adjusting for inflation. All while the rich claim that decreased taxes on the rich will lead to a better economy but when one looks back, the economy was doing the best when America had high tax rates on the rich and they paid their fair share. As a result, it brought in more revenue and increased government spending on the country 's infrastructure creating more jobs. Using this tax money America should also strengthen its education system and make college affordable for the younger generations, it should also make sure Social Security entitlements are well funded. All of this can be achieved by increasing taxes on the rich and closing the loopholes they take benefits of. But this will not be achieved until the average American, who makes a fraction of what these millionaires and billionaires make, takes action and calls out politicians who represent them and …show more content…
These politicians make much more than the average Americans and when they need money for their reelection campaigns they’ll turn to their rich friends and help them win reelection. And their rich friends will call in those favors when it comes a time to vote on a new tax bill that will increase a taxes on them. All while the average has no clue how much disadvantage he has just because he lacks money. The approval rating for congress is the lowest it has ever been. And it is up to us, the regular Americans to take action and ask questions and demand results that help Americans who don 't make millions or billions of dollars and not the wealthy

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