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  • How Taxes Affects Our Lives

    else’s life in a different way. The government can put tax on anything and everything and it affects everyone in the world. It effects everyone because they put taxes on everything we use and need in life. We pay this tax on almost everything we use daily like clothing, electronic equipment, electricity, gas, cars and some foods. There are all different kinds of taxes sales, income, property and many others that effect the way we live. Sales tax is one of the main taxes that we as younger kids…

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  • Financial Ratio Analysis: Superbury's Supermarket PLC

    [online] Available at: [Accessed: 23 February, 2013] Morrison plc. (2010) Annual Reports and Financial Statements 2009/2010. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 23 February, 2013] Moyer, R.C., McGuigan, J.R. and Kretlow, W.J. (2006) Contemporary Financial Management. 10th edn. U.S: Thomson South-Western [online] Available at:…

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  • Case Study: United States Taxation System

    into the next tax bracket would not have any negative effect on his income. It would happen due to the fact that The U.S Tax Code had been written to be Marginal, what means that one’s income would not be subject to reduction after tax just because they earn more money. When the Tax Code was created legislators were aware of people getting new jobs with higher incomes, and being subject to the next tax bracket. As a consequence, legislators presented the Marginal Tax (Romer). Marginal tax is a…

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  • Advantages Of Indirect Tax

    up paying the tax by paying more for the good or service. Examples of indirect taxes could be VAT and a number of excise duties on alcohol, tobacco and oil. On the other hand, direct taxes are taxes levied directly on the income of an organization or individual. It is completely different to indirect taxes as it is just paid to one entity. Income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and corporation tax are also categorized as direct tax. It is argued that high level of indirect tax may create…

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  • The IRS Scandal

    particular, is enough to raise a few hairs on your neck. That is the Internal Revenue Service scandal. Caution, if you value your right to privacy, read on. What was the IRS Scandal? The IRS scandal targeted conservative groups who were applying for tax exempt status. Many of these groups…

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  • Gualda Memorandum Summary

    Gualda Memorandum for a Correct Corporate Law Considering Gualda being a country which will face in the following years a constant and exponential economic growth, there have to be several guidelines to set up the private economy in legal terms. As the main objective of this memorandum will be setting up a correct corporate law; public law will not be omitted, but there will be a reasonable difference in length and depth of description of this two previous matters, in comparison with the…

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  • Milton Friedman's The Social Responsibility Of Business Is To Increase Profit?

    being those corporate executives and managers are agents who are morally and legally obligated to act in the best interest of their principle. Friedman’s’ neoliberal economics, is being contested by stakeholders theory which takes socially responsible into consideration. Dana Brakman Reiser in the article The Next big Idea: Flexible Purpose Corporations introduces the idea that social enterprises have multiple objectives, which are to earn profits for owners and promote social good.…

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  • Much To Love And Hate Analysis

    and Hate, in a VAT, that the American tax system is clearly inefficient and inhibits the economy’s ability to reach its full potential. Taxing consumption is better than taxing income, and a value-added tax does exactly that. The value added tax system (VAT) is a form of consumption tax. In short the VAT is attached to each stage of a product’s sale price. Thus, when a product or service is acquired a value tax is added to the transaction. The value added tax system obtains its revenue from the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Generation Skipping Trust

    A Generation Skipping Trust (GST), also known as a dynasty trust, allows the grantor to transfer a significant amount of assets to beneficiaries, in skipping a generation, are typically their grandchildren who receive the benefit of the “gift” as tax-free. In acquiring a dynasty trust, it is mainly to aid in the future generations besides one’s direct descendents. As this type of trust “does not have a defined termination date or event”, it has the ability to pass down through many generations.…

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  • Minimum Wage Redistribution

    Since the great economic upheaval of the 1930s, the United States federal government has taken the responsibility of alleviating the conditions of the impoverished and destitute via the method of redistributing income. Income redistribution is a medium through which the government tries its best to mitigate the adversities of the financially weak, through the transfer of income from the wealthy to the poor. The advocates of this approach state that it promotes the development of an egalitarian…

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